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  1. Not everyone has this option Nor do they get given Ford Fiestas
  2. If they wanted to, there are lots going in Maidstone I hear maybe for a discount.
  3. I don't think Lloyd's want to be the Wilson's mark 2 but have big purpose build to rent blocks. Much more economical in the long term than have 30 houses scattered around town.
  4. For those who like really ugly buildings this is really great https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln_Plaza_(London)
  5. True but look here for uglier https://www.mylondon.news/news/south-london-news/bizarre-new-sculpture-bromley-thats-16408711 https://municipaldreams.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/the-pepys-estate-deptford-for-the-peaceful-enjoyment-and-well-being-of-londoners/
  6. Thanks you made me laugh. I agree with @PeanutButterit is ugly but I am not convinced that they should be so annoyed. There is far far uglier around.
  7. There is already prejudice against older people. A friend* recently was finding problems getting a job recently - he removed a all his work pre 96 from his CV and he got an interview and a job quite shortly afterwards. *Not white which should not really matter.
  8. Although ugly it is really not that ugly by today's standards
  9. I am happy to pay a bit extra maybe 5 or 10% more. The fact that they don't offer them shows a) the state is rubbish at making money or b) they are heavily subsidised
  10. Depressing that twitter account exists but sadly needed
  11. Thanks for that. I can't believe Catford is expensive - that is so depressing.
  12. +1 While Chav is very sadly used to describe people of many races (far too many of them).
  13. I had not heard that about Saville and organised crime before.
  14. I think that is equally stupid as using the word gammon to denigrate people. Elites must by definition be rich.
  15. I have never used the term snowflake, insults stifle debate and cause discord. I believe that most bad political decisions in the last 30 years have been caused by that attitude. Sadly lots of people don't seem to realize that.
  16. Why not answer the question? I still want to know why Poland and Hungry don't have terrorism - why don't we import some of their experts?
  17. I was told by someone working for local government that their pensions are fully funded. Were they wrong? I always thought so because if they were they should go into the pension providing business. I am pretty sure that they would have got lots of customers for the same pensions they give their staff plus 3% extra contributions.
  18. I am not saying that all Muslims are responsible for terrorism. However the fact that terrorists that come from just 4.3% of the population create 50% of terrorism is something needs studying. I still want to know why Poland and Hungry don't have terrorism - why don't we import some of their experts?
  19. So are all obese people gammons? Is my Asian GP a gammon? (No idea what his politics are of course).
  20. Muslims are 4.3% the idea that 4.3 % of the population is responsible for 50% of terrorism is astounding. If an ethnic minority of 4.3% of the population, paid 50% of tax they would be praised for this wonderful achievement. However the idea that the terrorism would have stopped if we had different policies is crazy. What did 10 year old Yazidi girls do to deserve to become sex slaves? We didn't treat Goring's daughter like that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edda_Göring#1945_and_after
  21. Also why make fun of people's appearance? If politician x were so handsome that they cause Brad Pitt to weep - would we all agree with them?
  22. According to Wikipedia Poland sent 2,500 peak and Spain which did get attacked 1,300 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-National_Force_–_Iraq#Troop_deployment_in_Iraq_2003–2011 Of course France has been attacked far more than we have. So it can't be foreign policy.
  23. +1, with Saville and the Rotherham gangs they probably didn't want accuse a celebrity or someone from an ethnic minority. I think Saville was the worst ever case - there was photographic evidence on top of the pops!
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