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  1. Surely extracting battery minerals should be reasonably green - better than mining. I agree with you about the rest though, I am not sure electricals are greener - although Lithium, nickel and cobalt aren't technically rare earth elements. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rare-earth_element
  2. Very true - a great shame that Labour didn't get rid of leaseholds when they were in power. I don't really like the Tories - apart from the benefit cap and S24 of course which were both wonderful innovations both not going far enough of course.
  3. 100K in 2013 https://www.cityam.com/uk-s-zombie-firms-taking-bite-out-productivity/ 8% in 2019 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/06/zombie-firms-a-major-drag-on-uk-economy-analysis-shows 20% now https://www.icaew.com/insights/viewpoints-on-the-news/2021/april-2021/business-rescue-are-zombie-companies-on-the-rise Low interest rates are like taking stimulants when you are tired - how do you stop taking them without having problems?
  4. I am not sure I think part of the reason is that any rise will kill loads of zombie companies and cause mass unemployment. The problem is the longer it goes on you get more zombies!
  5. Sadly there are lots of NIMBIES around - a Lib Dem MP even protested about houses being built 15 miles from her.
  6. Well I thought that was the excuse. From 2009 the reason for the cut was officially https://www.theguardian.com/business/2009/mar/05/interest-rates-quantitative-easing
  7. I disagree I think the Tories realize the status quo young people renting for ever is an existential threat. However they don't know how to fix it without short term pain. Building more houses is only popular on an abstract level - most people don't want them near where they live.
  8. Low interest rates were for the whole economy not just housing
  9. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/1493626/mortgage-alert-repayment-debt-calculator-state-pension-age A bit risky although anyone who is 41 now would have been 20 in 2000 - when prices were already considerably more expensive than in previous years (then it got worse) so there could be reasons for this.
  10. Very true - they get paid the same for doing a bad job sadly
  11. Very true - but the reason for this is because a lot of people want HPI and very few don't. Or rather politicians think that they do - it might not be true.
  12. DIY stores? That is unusual - take aways I can believe but you don't normally see more than one DIY store in a high street (I don't disbelieve you just am surprised).
  13. I would too. It would be a wonderful thing - although I am not sure how to do it for second and third homes.
  14. I understand it, she thought that it would be a safe no effort investment she could invest in. As she was 53 I am surprised that she hadn't already realized that owning property does need some work. Although I would guess some agency sold it to her like that. If I had 10 minutes I could even imagine the wording they used.
  15. This bit is strange That is not a big amount really. The problem for Labour is that this could hit Labour voters in parts of London. How would work for someone living in an expensive council house? Presumably their rent would have to go up accordingly?
  16. Michael Gove did have some radical ideas as education secretary. However housing is a very difficult challenge as a) you can upset NIMBIES b) making houses cheaper would really upset recent buyers c) the status quo is awful. Fixing (c) without a and b going wrong is tricky.
  17. Fortunately I am not that bored. I think there are plenty of people who despise the mail who believe HPI is good. Tony Blair being one obvious example.
  18. You are right and this term really explains the mindset of how various grooming gang scandals happened. In Rotherham the police actually helped the abusers. However don't waste your time with those who think this sort of thing is acceptable. Attacking people for their appearance debases debate and is only acceptable if they are preaching lots of exercise and healthy diet and not doing so themselves (unless they acknowledge their failings).
  19. I don't mind it being legal but it should be taxed a lot more. Of course if you did this with anything that has a free market then the producers would just produce more but housing doesn't work like that.
  20. Interesting post I think to be honest there is more chance of peace in the middle east, a simple solution to global warming and England winning the next 10 world cups in all sports than that happening. Managers need activity it is their substitute for achievement. People being in the office helps managers feel useful.
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