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  1. That is a different debate - although young people try to get degrees because they are pushed to by Government and schools. (I am not sure why teachers push people to go to Uni - they went, do they think their job is wonderful?) Also encouraging people who work to economise seems a bit unreasonable when they see others on benefits being able to spend money on holidays. I once went to South America on holiday and we got the most awful indirect cheap flight there. At the same time a refugee (!) I know from the same country was there on holiday and she got a direct flight - paying £300 more than I had.
  2. I would really like to know what the figures are. I am not sure if they exist. If a politician cared about the subject they could have got a researcher to come up with details figures by looking at average wages, historical mortgage rates etc. Sadly we don't have that sort of politician.
  3. I think houses are too expensive. However does anyone have figures of how bad things are compared to wages? For example what is the percentage of the average salary needed to a) pay for a 10% deposit b) pay a mortgage On an average priced house? When I first bought my flat cost 50% more than 3 years before hand but I only had to pay 33% more than I would have done under a steady state. Still a lot but slightly better than the headline figures showed.
  4. Looks reasonable for South Ken. Oh sorry it is £200 k for a one bed flat in Guildford!!!!
  5. Probably he threw it in to distract from your point. I really don't think how anyone can think that the Tory party with so many people in their government who are not white, are trying to appeal to racists.
  6. Strictly speaking in Islam there is no such thing as a mixed religion family - your religion is your father's religion. If you change to a different one in most Islamic states you have problems and some can be killed. We would all have to agree on what is common sense. The definition varies a lot.
  7. The woman who said 90% of Giraffes are gay. According to the right wing Tory paper the Guardian she was wrong https://www.theguardian.com/science/shortcuts/2019/oct/29/99-per-cent-giraffes-gay-loving-looks-misunderstood
  8. And I really think if the tax payer pays, they should really think twice about whether a) they need to pay so much b) if they get cheaper somewhere else. A bit like we do with our own homes!
  9. Ironic you are "left" wing and I am "right" wing but we agree. Although I am not really right wing. I just hate Labour more than the Tories. I would love both and the Lib Dems to disappear from Britain and to be replaced by countries which want simpler government, cheaper housing and tough on crime and terrorism.
  10. I would bet that 90% of the entitled people under any pay for ambulance scheme would some how not pay for it. I have known some senior managers who worked hard - doing nothing useful.
  11. I think you are in a minority there to be honest. I agree with you about that - not sure how to fix it.
  12. I agree with you that is the Tories fault - but Labour would certainly not make that fairer. The word left is a bit meaningless to be honest. People think of Sweden as left wing but you have to pay for to see the GP. Would any UK party think that is acceptable?
  13. What is sharing a little fairer? I remember under Labour friends living on benefits being in nicer housing than I could afford working and having to travel long journeys to work. I really don't think that was fairer. I think the benefit cap has made things fairer. I would however go on and say that non clinical staff for the NHS should have a maximum wage of £80K to make things fairer there as well.
  14. Also the weird belief that everything was fine before Brexit - it wasn't otherwise Brexit would not have happened.
  15. In my road two nurses as a couple could have bought a house straight out of nursing school in 1995 - now one would have to be a GP. That is so obviously wrong. And parts of the country it is even worse!
  16. Grammar schools were supported originally by Labour and then opposed by them. The trade unions were originally anti large scale immigration and now oppose it. So yes. The word conservative is very relative, in Iran conservatives want child marriage to stay legal, no conservatives in the West believe that 9 year olds should be married.
  17. I don't understand how he could not change his mind looking at that.
  18. Sorry I meant extracting minerals from batteries should not be too bad for the environment better than mining new ones. I would have thought that the higher levels of Li etc in batteries compared to ores should make it better.
  19. Sorry I meant extracting minerals from batteries should not be too bad for the environment better than mining new ones.
  20. Without getting into a technical discussion rare elements and rare earth elements are not the same thing chemically. (Actually not all rare earths are rare IIRC). Other than that I agree with you.
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