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  1. No you are not you are a foreigner who every time he can not write decent English uses the word racist. You should study more.
  2. Yes of course you are and I am Tony Blair.The fact that you use the wrong words (eg use not employ) and frequently think people are racist when they are not,gives the impression English is not your first language. Where are you from ?
  3. Everyone can get a credit card you can be on the dole and get one ! Although cash back on your weekly shop is a good idea - providing you always pay it off.
  4. Cuckoo the correct word is employ not use - however don't worry for a foreigner you speak good English The word is immigrant remember to check the dictionary before posting.
  5. You really don't understand do you ? Is English your first language ? The thread is about why is it fair that if someone has children why should they get £10k when they arrive in the UK ? The OP did not attack immigrants rather their entitlement to recieve a large sum of money. Of course now we know why you are so pro immigration, you are one. Go to the local council and enroll on an English course, good luck with it, come back you are able to undertand as well as write it.
  6. I agree with a lot of that apart HPI not being caused by immigration. I believe the lack of affordability is mainly caused by immigration being created than house building (which is not their fault it is NIMBY liberals who are to blame) and loose credit controls. Also the bit about Muslims true they not all bad only 30% support terrorism but the bombs in Warsaw show the benefits of not having Muslims in the country or rather the absence of bombs in Warsaw shows this.
  7. We don't have Sharia law and we don't yet obey everything the muslims ask us to do which is why they riot ?
  8. Of course if people in Canada were to say about British immigrants they could say that "we passed stringent tests to be let in here and don't recieve subsidised housing". If the same were true about immigrants here a) there would be less of them there would be a lot less anti immigration feeling. Of course they can't because it isn't a points system here.
  9. Do you really love all immigrants even Germaine Lindsay ? I don't mind if people want immigrant cleaners or not. However this country does have a) lack of space problems with terrorism caused by immigration c) lots of home grown chavs so lets not import any more.
  10. You are pretty unlucky I know single mums have never paid a penny and they got nice homes - maybe it was because they were foreigners.
  11. Those figures are really dubious. Do you really believe that more people from a 3rd country migrated to Bosnia in the UK during that time ? I think they are confusing returnees with migrants which are slightly different. Though it is true that we have a lower percentage of immigrants, particulary muslim immigrants than France or Holland and considering what happened in France last year and considering what happened to Theo Van Gogh I am very pleased about that ! Aren't you ? Also a lot of the countries you mentioned France, Germany, Sweden etc have lower population densities than England. Of course we do have a lot more immigrants particulary muslim immigrants than some European countries eg Poland I have a friend who teaches there and he told me they are not at all worried about suicide bombers unlike us - I wonder why ? Strangely no one ever mentions this - you will not see anywhere on MSM.
  12. Like whom ? Most people seem to take the view that we have a space shortage -I have had problems walking on the street it was so crowded - Personally I have no problem with immigration just a) it can not be unlimited no chavs (we have too many of our own) and c) as there number of potential immigrants is unlimited perhaps we should only have people who are not likely to blow us up. Sadly there are a lot of people who think that this is racist.
  13. Do you understand the word prejudice ? "Prejudice is, as the name implies, the process of "pre-judging" something. In general, it implies coming to a judgment on the subject before learning where the preponderance of the evidence actually lies, or formation of a judgement without direct or actual experience. Holding a politically unpopular view is not in itself prejudice, and not all politically popular views are free of prejudice. ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prejudice" Looking at your train/bus/tube/rush hour traffic house prices etc and thinking where is the space for unlimited immigration (up to 5 million, 10 , 50 ?) is not prejudice, it is just common sense. I feel sorry for people who do not understand the English language and use words who they do not understand. All of them ? Even Germaine Lindsay ? Personally I wish he had stayed in Jamica.
  14. I thought that everyone knew that http://www.ukip.org/ukip_news/gen12.php?t=1&id=2468 Of course if people go home they can often get the money for some time before the UK government does anything.
  15. I think you should go I would in your position. Have you got a link for entry into Canada ?
  16. Don't you know that not all the UK is ideal for housing ? If we have so much green space then why is the Government buildinghouses on flood plains ? I know they are stupid but even so. http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/content/articl...d_feature.shtml Do you really want the Greenbelt concreted over ? Or no coutryside between Dover and Stevenage ? BTW my user name referes to the fact that I can do the sums more people + no more houses = housing shortage.
  17. I don't think anyone will give a good answer explaining yes
  18. I know some Spanish people who are not educated and get housing and education paid for them here - great deal for the UK tax payers (if we did not give them enough via the EU already) And of course when the expensive OAPs spend all their savings they can come back and then we have to pay for them.
  19. Very funny but why should single mums have luxury housing compared to workers ? Believe me not having to share a house would be a luxury that I will never afford because I have to pay for other people's housing. I even know immigrants who have come here to be single mums because it is a good deal here.
  20. I saw that article Blunkett also said that we have the highest levels of teenage pregnancy and the second highest rate of benefits. However he does NOT think there is a link (yeah right). Personally I think there is more chance of England winning every competition in every sport for the next 30 years than this Labour doing something about this.
  21. Do we stop when all the green space is concreted over or do you want some horrendous future of the whole country covered with skyscrapers like some science fiction film.
  22. It is possible to build upwards but bearing in mind that the government's record in that area (how many tower blocks have been knocked down in the last few years, probably not a good idea). Also why should people living in the UK have to live in tower blocks so we can have more immigrants here ? I am not anti some immigration but I would rather not pay that price.
  23. Where would you put this people in London, there is not the space for another million let alone two ? Are you being serious if so you will answer the question ? Are you just talking rubbish ? That is a good idea the government has such a good track record doing that - it would be like making Sven manager again.The reason why British Gas and Sainsburys want more people is to have more customers not because it will make our life and better.
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