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  1. Perhaps unlike the UK they built more than enough homes for new immigrants ? Obviously if immigrationis not the only cause of the house price boom but if demand (for any reason) goes up and supply doesn't then prices go up. It is a widely accepted view that if demand rices but supply doesn't then prices go up.
  2. More people enter than leave. You are right we could always build more homes on fields but this takes time. Also sometimes the land is in a flood plain which means new housing is a bad idea.
  3. For people who still believe the census http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/3601493.stm
  4. I think you are going off topic whether it is good or not is irrelevant. The point is that the figures for population are rubbish. Also I don't know if you are right about benefits. These people could be claiming more in tax credits than they pay in tax (if they are from Eastern Europe and have children they almost certainly do claim more for their first year).
  5. Did you actually read the link I quote :- "Over the past 18 months, some 9,000 new National Insurance numbers have been issued in Slough - which is west of London - of which 150 went to British nationals. In contrast, the Office for National Statistics recorded 300 international migrants settling in the town in 2004. " Obviously the ONS is very far from the mark.
  6. 1in 8 prisoners are foreigners. Really clever to import more criminals. According to the Polish police emmigration has caused crime to fall - wonderful for them but for us ?
  7. Rents are cheap relative to buying. Although I would not describe rents as cheap. I know people who pay £750+ for 2 bed flats in "cheap" parts of London.
  8. Please don't wait a friend did and it may be too late now. Remember if you can not afford it become a single mum and live off benefits. After all that is what Tony wants us to do.
  9. Or maybe the figures are wrong. Do you really believe everything Tony Blair says ? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/5119866.stm
  10. I think it is not unreasonable for a first time buyer to expect to buy similar to what the council gives single mums. Although sadly that is unlikely.
  11. Don't call him/her racist Fullham is not exactly 100% white.
  12. I don't think crime in Lewisham is any worse than any other part of inner London.
  13. Lewisham is multicultural I don't understand what you mean. And yes I think you are spoiled.
  14. What is wrong with this one from Brockley :- http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-121...=1&tr_t=buy or this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-486...=1&tr_t=buy I would agree that they are pricey but they are not too bad compared to many other places.
  15. Live in South East London then in Brockley you can get terrace houses for less than 250K. Without double glazing for £220K.
  16. Do you know any recent immigrants ? Quite a few get housing paid for them or at least the ones I know do. I know at least 5 immigrant families who have been given cheap/free council housing in the last 6 years. Of course the people who would have lived there are probably paying rent to some BTL landlord. Not all do of course, I have lodgers who are immigrants and with the money they pay me I moved up the housing ladder. An example of how low paid immigrants push up prices even though they only earn £5.5 per hour.
  17. I don't have anything against anyone who does not lie to come here (there are quite a few who do). I am against the politicians who let more people come without providing the infrastructure etc just to sooth their liberal guilt about having lots of money. And who let more muslims come here despite all the problems with terrorism we already have.
  18. I agree although I would outsource to the cheapest 3rd world country we can find. Bye bye Ian Huntley
  19. I think the above is very important. Of course if we are going to allow a million people to come and live here then they must have homes
  20. Possibly true if you exclude the muslims (if you do not know why research July 2005) but it could be more positive if like most/all (?) countries in the world we deported the ones who broke the law. A UK citizen could live in the US for 10 years and be deported for drug dealing but the same thing would not happen here.
  21. I saw an advert like this. "Is your home going to be reposssed ? Call me. I could buy from you and you could rent it without having to move. Then in the future you can buy it back". Fortunately I am not in this position but is there a catch ?
  22. Quite right Chav does not equal working class or stupid. Chav is someone who does not work and does not want to. Or would like to but can't get out of bed in the morning.
  23. I am sorry but that is not true some people DO come for benefits. I know people who were told in Colombia by friends "come to Britain and get given a house". Not all immigrants come here for benefits but a minority do and sadly it is a minority that will never leave. Denying this is as blind as denying that some people who follow football are violent.
  24. That is ok I have been to Tokyo and it is too crowded. I would not live there and if we were that crowded it would far worse than in Japan because a) we have more crime than them their transport system etc works better. Ours can not cope with the current population and I have never heard anyone explain how it will work with more people. I am sure they have problems although I would imagine those come from a feeling of being a bit isolated from the rest of the world. Two points a) I don't have a problem with immigration per se I just don't want a) too many people or undesirables coming here - NO FOREIGN chavs. If the population was increasing because everyone was having 5 babies I would say that is a bad idea. I like Britain it has many good points apart from the crime, schools etc. However I don't want to live in a country as crowded as Japan and I don't accept that mass immigration is inevitable - other countries control it and so can we.
  25. Why Japan does not have migration so why do we need to ? Saudia Arabia ? And they are very crowded - have you ever been there ? It is a nice place but I wouldn't like London to be like Tokyo apart from the crime levels of course. The problem is not skin colour it is space. However as English is not your first language you are unable to understand this point. BTW Sod off is not polite but of course we all make mistakes when learning another language.
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