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  1. Have you thought of emmigrating and teaching English somewhere like Brazil ? Alternatively it is because of Government policy that we are in this mess. Unfortunately the Lib Dems and Tories want the same - unlimited immigration and limited new houses. So your only hope is to join UKIP and hope they get somewhere. How would things be better under the Tories or Lib Dems ?
  2. Great more Muslims just what we need after July 2005.
  3. Did you vote Labour/Lib Dem or Tory ? If so it is your fault they all want unlimited immigration and a welfare state. With the obvious result of a HPI. Sorry but that is the way it is.
  4. 25 K compensation does not seem much if they swindle you out of more.
  5. java script:emoticon('', 'smid_4') java script:emoticon('', 'smid_4') Now you understand how it is. Keep working millions on benefits need YOUR MONEY.
  6. Look here http://www.rightmove.co.uk/action/SoldPric...ind+Sold+Prices According to this flats in SW7 have gone down since last year but houses have gone up.
  7. If your house has x rooms etc get a friend to phone the estate agents saying I want to buy a house with x rooms and see what they say about your house. Alternatively go with a half a percent if you live in London and get more money.
  8. This is not an attack on the poor. There are many working poor on the council estate I used to live on. Sadly they via taxes have to subside lazy chavs who make their lives a misery. It is good that more middle class people live on council estates - hopefully this will cause a change to the system.
  9. Personally I would rather neither happened. I guess that your taxes are not going to someone in your block of flats who stinks it up with cannabis so you feel sick after a hard day of work. If they did you might have another point of view. Fortunately this experience will happen to more and more people so hopefully there is some possibility for change.
  10. Middle aged middle class liberals who feel guilty about their money run this country. They probably feel sorry for these people. Join UKIP and help it change. No need to apologise. I escaped recently. I just wish Blair and the rest of Labour had lived there.
  11. Rightmove has sale prices for different post codes.
  12. If the Government stop taking so much money off us people would be afford to have children. Actually why can't the population decrease slowly ? We have a lot of economically inactive people, if we have less in the future as a % of the population then population decrease would not be a problem.
  13. Why does no one mention that often BTL works because we via our taxes pay the rent of a proportion of the tenants. This make it more expensive for the rest of us.
  14. And better for the enviroment. We don't need immigration we have millions of people of working age who live on benefits or are long term sick.
  15. I know 4 immigrants who live in council houses/flats so I would be very surprised if it is 110 nationwide. Actually the figure is for immigrants from the new EU countries, for all immigrants the figure - if the government kept such figures which of course they don't - would be much higher. Most immigrants don't live 10 to a room. Obviously more buyers + no more demand = increase in prices. Even if the more buyers are BTL letting to immigrants (in some cases - I know them personally - rent we pay for in our taxes). It is really upsetting paying for people to live in nicer housing than you. It is bad enough when it is English chavs, but the foreign ones we could deport. BTW this is all personnal experience.
  16. but you are not a party to govern the EU governs. I would rather get nowhere with UKIP then be part of the party thats lets Turkey into the EU and a million turks (where will they live ?) into the UK.
  17. With me it was because when I was 18 I did not speak any foreign languages and thought all refugees were genuine. Now I do speak foreign languages and I realise that is rubbish. Also the longer you live, the more chance of having drug addict neighbours whom you pay for your in your taxes. Sadly very few politicians are poor enough to have this experience. If only the council would house them next to the local mp - it would make the country a lot better.
  18. I feel almost the same apart from the fact that I used to be a Lib Dem and now I am UKIP. I know someone from Colombia he is going back there on holiday soon - despite the fact that he gets free housing because he was in "danger" there. Also I used to pay taxes not just to drug addicts but druggies who polluted my home with their smoke. The only good thing is that we will soon all be "right" wing (why is it right wing to want people who work to be well off ? I thought that was left wing).
  19. A friend of mine paid £75 to have a flat held for her to an agency. When she went to pick up the keys they said it has been rented out with another agency. They refused to give her the money back. Is this legal ?
  20. What do you think prices are so high ? If it is a bubble caused by BTL then don't buy. If it is caused by lack of supply and that this will not get better then buy -if you can afford the repayments and it makes financial sense and your salary is secure
  21. So if you are saving to buy a house they affect you in 2 ways 1) prices are higher 2) interest rates are lower. (3 if your tube gets blown up).
  22. "Immigrants have NOTHING to do with house prices.....:Martje Sorry - but when you have 200,000 net people immigrating per year (legal estimate) or approx 500,000 (guesstimate once made to include illegals) then such changes to demand WILL affect the housing stock available. Or are there the equivalent of entire towns of unhomed asylum seekers/immigrants camping or sleeping rough in Britain that I haven't heard of or seen ? Patricia London, United Kingdom " http://newsforums.bbc.co.uk/nol/thread.jsp...paginator I guess some people disagree with this - although it is hard to understand how.
  23. A friend of mine was doing valuations before the last crash and he predicted it. The problem was that Thatcher gave people warning of getting rid of MIRAS so people tried to buy before it was removed so causing a short term push to the market.
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