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  1. He could do an Abu Hamza :- 1) Girlfriend goes to council and says he is hiting her 2) She gets £500,000 house 3) He moves in 4) Evidence of this fraud turns up and council does nothing. Of course it might not work for white people.
  2. Because there is no space for them ? If Brown was to say to every Labour MP/candidate we need 500 homes in your constituency for immigrants promote this policy, even cameron could win the next election.
  3. True but this is talking about STR. I think both BTL and STR are very dangerous investments.
  4. The last bit is because of Thatcher, after the Salman Rushdie affiar she should have stopped Muslim immigration when it became obvious that they will not integrate. Does anyone really want to live in a country where if some foreign child molester (like Muhammad Ayatollah Khomenai liked little girls) can call for your murder and people want to obey him ?
  5. If all people on benefits are entrepeneurs this country is really really lucky. If you believe that - then you are really really crazy. Actually I do not have any problems with controlled immigration but like Australia, Switzerland etc people should have to work for 5 years before they get benefits.
  6. Actually not true it could be a lot worse than 1 in 6. Actually he was sacked 3 years ago. But all parties have MEPs/MPs who break the law John Stonehouse, Jeffery Archer, Peter Mandelson (mortgage fraud) and Lib Dems and Labour have one who think Hamas are a political party and not terrorists.
  7. Wow that is an amazing post. People who get benefits are entrepreneurs ??? Please explain your logic. Seems to me we are importing foreign chavs. Please I think controlled immigration is a good idea but you can't get benefits so quickly.
  8. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/17023/...igrants-trebles That should help prolong the housing boom and make the crash less severe when it comes, if it comes. It is of course tough on the British tax payer and worse on FTB's but it is not my fault I voted UKIP. By the way I have to thank UKIP for doing well in 2004 and ensuring that for a limited time Eastern Europeans could not get benefits - if they had then I would never have been able to buy a house.
  9. Really ? My branch always gave you 11 hours break. Compared to Butlins and other companies they are not too bad.
  10. In 1989 I walked into Mcdonalds and they said when do you want to start. In 1992 they were allegedly turning people away.
  11. Of course if we did not spend so much money on taxes for benefits your job might not have been sent to India !
  12. Your story really shows how stupid the current system it. To improve we should do the follow :- 1) Reduce taxes for the low paid eg people who earn less than £10k pa - this could be funded by getting rid of tax ccredits 2) Simplify the tax and benefit system and have a max amount that people can get on benefits eg £25k pa for a single and it should be reduced over time to 2.5x minimum wage for a single person and 5x for a family. I wouldn't worry too much about your friend they will probably ask her for the money back. Tax credits are both a blessing and a curse.
  13. No it is not. Some tenants and therefore BTL get paid by the state - that is hardly a free market. Ironically people who are priced out pay to be priced out via income tax etc.
  14. That is because women boss men around so they live healthier but wives ignore their husbands !!!
  15. Yes, I used to live on one but I had to pay to do whilst my scum neighbours got it for free. Fortunatley I sold and moved up the ladder.
  16. Is that true ? To be fair if the Government makes you worse by working, why work ?
  17. The worst bit is :- Why when workers have to commute for miles - that is really good for the environment. After one year on benefits in London they should be given a home somewhere else and their home should go to someone on a low wage.
  18. No it would not create hardship - asylum seekers would still be able to seek asylum. The main problem about toughening down on illegal immigration would be that we would have more asylum seekers. We should be like the US and not let asylum seekers visit their home country (which if they are genuine would not be a problem) for a few years. Also if people fraudalently seek asylum and are found out (I am only taking about obviously fraud like people who go home the day they get asylum or do not even come from the country they said) they should face criminal sanctions. This should be a real risk for fraudsters.
  19. The educated ones will, the rest will get council housing and benefits and never work again !
  20. You do not need to force illegal immigrants to leave. You just need to make it less attractive to be illegal which would be very easy :- 1) Illegal immigrants never become illegal, if you steal £1 million worth of gold it will never be legal gold the same should be true of illegal immigration. Every single argument in favour of illegal immigrants becoming legal eg they would pay tax are the same for stolen property becoming legal 2) If people employ or house illegal immigrants they get heavy fines and the reportee gets 10% even if they are illegal. Which means they will not be able to find jobs or housing - they will have to leave. I have let an illegal immigrant stay with me - I would not have done if it was illegal.
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