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  1. This post to me seems to say how the welfare state is unfair. Of course if you were a girl, you could have got yourself pregnant before coming back to the UK and got a house on your arrival !!
  2. A lot of working people live in multiple occupation ex social housing. So we live in the same sort of housing as single mums the difference being instead of 1 adult and 2 children per flat we have 4 adults and we have to work hard to do it. What about the vast number of people who just have a rented room ? Neither is working with an evil boss, long journey on public transport freezing in the winter boiling in the summer etc.I would swap places with those who have nicer homes than me. (Most of the ones I know at the moment). I knew one single mum who got a nice flat in a nice part of London on a low rent and then rented out a room for £130 pw - good deal.
  3. I agree everyone should be entitled to decent housing and food healthcare whether they work or not. Let all stop working and live off ???? BTW you did avoid my question, try to answer it.
  4. I agree with you. I was hoping that someone would explain why not but I guess not. BTW no politician thinks this is a bad thing, in fact must think that it is not like that - that single mums do not have nicer homes than people who work. Which is true if your job is MP but not for young people.
  5. Good for you. Although the main question why should people who don't work have nicer homes than those who don't ?
  6. Or alternatively the child will be a single mum and we will be working into our seventies to pay for her benefits. Why should the child - if it is a girl - want to work when she sees the benefits of not working ?
  7. A lot of people who work live -at least in London - live in flats in multiple occupation on drug infested sink estates. Also why should -only some I know - single mums get gardens when many people who work don't ?
  8. It may not be her fault but why she should get what many would regard as luxury accomodation ? For many people not living with several others is a luxury.
  9. There is no need to be that extreme there are plenty of empty homes in places where no one wants to live. If council housing in high demand areas was given out on the community's need for you to be there eg people working in local shops etc and everyone else had to move to a low demand area then this problem would be solved. Here is an possible example. There are 2 16 year old girls in Camden one is pregnant and lives in a nice flat the other works at McD's and has to live at home with Mum and Dad - fun-. How is this fair ?
  10. Sorry I should made clear this was a few years ago. I don't think the same would be true about renting - but I think it would be about Abbey.
  11. Are you joking ? Do you really think that it would be good for the UK for all teenager girls to be become single mums ?
  12. Should people who have never worked eg teenage single mums be given better accomodation that people on the minimum wage can afford in their area ? If so why ? This is a serious question I would like to know why someone working in McDonalds should have to live with their parents or cramped single accomodation whilst a single mum gets a council flat. I guess most people who have worked in McD's would think it is unfair.
  13. Abbey National lent me once on my income alone 5.25 times my income, if my transport costs had been taken into account. However this was with a 14% deposit. Personally I think that is too much and it was difficult to pay but cheaper than renting.
  14. No they don't you would have to pay £800 in legal costs plus some fees to the mortgage company.
  15. It would buy a flat in South East London.Although I agree with you that overall.
  16. Isn't that rather a racist statement ? Aren't you saying "foreigners should do cleaning jobs" ? After your first statement that is quite ironic. Assuming your English (where are you from ?) is good to understand this.
  17. No its not you must learn English better. Well the last one did not seem to make the country better on the 7th of July 2005. Where are they going to live ?
  18. http://www.krakow-info.com/news.htm It is amazing that our media has not picked this up.
  19. A lot of They might intend to go home. However sadly when they can get housing benefits they lazy ones will decide to stay and the hard working ones will go home.
  20. I don't know enough about other countries to judge. However surely if more people enter the UK at a greater rate than we are building houses then it must an effect. How much I don't know but I can not believe it is zero.
  21. Prices are going up - I am not saying where exactly because I want to remain annoymous. But I just sold my flat for over 50 % more than I paid for it in 2001. It went in 3 weeks and now I am moving up. I can not see a crash or at very least I can not see a return to pre 2000 affordability.
  22. True in that scenario housing demand will not increase. However when they can get housing benefit in 2 or 3 years time then most of them will be able to move out and get another house. Also do you really think that the decrease in houses needed caused by people living the UK over the last 10 years = the increase caused by immigration ? Even the government does not believe that. I know lots of immigrants who get cheap housing from the government or free. They seem to be getting away with it at the moment by shouting racist a lot. Do you live in the UK ???
  23. I think it is not areas but good properties which might crash less. Ie studios etc will be more affected.
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