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  1. No I haven't. I married an immigrant some of her relatives live the life of Riley at my expense. They live in houses that people on the average wage could not afford to. I think you mis understood my post. When I said "not let anyone in who worship a pedophile" I was refering to the world's most famous pedophile Muhammad ie no more Muslims!!! I do not think spongers are evil I just do not want to give them my hard earned money. I do believe that we support scum like Saudia Arabia, Pakistan etc.
  2. True but we can not deport British spongers. We can and should deport foreign ones. We should let immigrants in who are better than the average Brit. No chavs, no criminals, no spongers and no one who worships a pedophile .
  3. Possibly true. However if they leave some roma might be able to take their place. Seriously if we do have a recession hard working immigrants might leave but the parasites (and I am ashamed to say I know many) won't.
  4. Why make the choice ? A girl I know came from Spain and in a few days she got a council flat (she is a pro-single mum). If we had told her to get lost a family could have had that. The NIMBYS are not your enemy the chavs are.
  5. If we had a free market people would not become single mums to get housing (they would have to WORK for them) and we would need a million less homes straight away !
  6. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/jan...dpublicservices You are right talk about misleading eporting ! The headline is but in the article we get more truth
  7. According to the guardian only 1% of social housing lets go to foreigners which is a bit irrelevant. What we want to know is what percentage of new lets go to foreigners.
  8. Are you serious ? My wife grew up in a hot country and hates our climate.
  9. The Aussies and NZ are often here to see Europe for a short time. The SA are to escape crime and get a British passport in case SA does a Zimbabwe !!
  10. I am glad to hear it. However you could be talking about the UK in the 1950's I fear that some Poles will be corrupted by benefits. You do make a very good case for saying that immigrants should not get benefits for the first 12 months they are here. If it were try for all we would have less immigrants and better ones. One question for the Poles. In 2004 your country had more troops in Iraq than Spain did but had zero deaths from Islamic terrorism unlike Spain. Why ? What can we learn from your success at stopping terrorism ?
  11. I guess the hard working ones will. Any of who are on benefits will stay. Like a lot of other immigrant groups. My wife is from Colombia and has never received a penny from the government and she wants us to leave. Her acquaintances on benefits or who get very cheap housing will never leave the UK unless the benefits system changes. To be fair British parasites never emigrate either.
  12. If I were to leave one part of the UK and go to London. Would the council refuse to give me housing on the grounds that I had made myself homeless ? I have searched on the internet but without success.
  13. You obviously do not understand the argument very well. I think immigration at the moment is damaging the UK. However this is not the fault of legal immigrants (illegals and bogus - I know many - asylum seekers are another matter). It is the fault of the scumbags that let millions come here without thinking of the consequences. If it is legal to migrate here people can - it is not their fault that too many people come here it is Gordon's !!!
  14. Well 52 people have been killed by them in the UK. If they could all count it would have been a lot more but fortunately some of them can't.
  15. I haven't left yet There are risks everywhere. I know people who almost lost their lives in hospital from MRSA here. One of my wife's cousin emmigrated and got murdered.
  16. I think quite a lot of people thought that in the US on the 10th of September 2001 ! No one knows what they will do in the future - although fortunately they are quite stupid - wonder how they got into the UK.
  17. Colombia because my wife is from there. Better schools, no one dies in hospitals from MRSA and they have sent (not my wife) a lot of their chavs here. Other plus points no Al-Qaeda. Negative points terrorists who are not in bred so they can kill people but they do not want to kill thousands unlike our pedo worshippers and some parts are too hot.
  18. Why ? I know some immigrants who work and they will suffer like us. However the parasite immigrants will still be fine - like the parasite English of course living the life of Reilly on our wages.
  19. Well their views on immigration would change dramatically for one thing. I don't think realistbear is 100% correct too many people of any type is a mistake. Of course if they are pedo worshippers it is worse than if they are Poles.
  20. Wouldn't Guardian readers be more logical ? After all they want them to come (although not in their backyard if my Guardian reading parents are typical).
  21. Good idea but send the somali layabouts as well we just need to add the Koran to the above list.
  22. Sadly that is not 100% true. The hard working ones might leave (if they become unemployed) the foreign chavs will stay and take a greater % of our taxes than they do now. The problem is not just the number of immigrants it is the quality - a lot are hard working, a lot however are very lazy and get quite a lot in benefits. I saw a Somali on TV who gets £33 k pa in benefits she will never leave the UK whilst she gets that ! Hopefully Gordon.
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