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  1. But wasn't the last crash triggered by changes to MIRAS ? Also we had a strong pound policy (later ERM) which caused interest rates to rise a lot and almost zero net immigration. Now maybe the interest rates will rise but will the other things happen ? I am not saying that they will never be a crash but I can not see us getting back to historical affordibility in the next 10 years unless the BNP win power - which I do not want.
  2. Sorry for the typo. Actually I do not know the answer to that. I know that we spend less on food than 50 years ago (despite recent prices) and more on houses. Why therefore should affordibility stay the same. I can afford holidays today that only the very rich could 30 years ago. Why can't the reverse happen with housing especially since it is subsidised for some people ?
  3. Some posters here believe that house prices will fall because they are historically expensive in terms of wages and so therefore will fall until they are 4 times earnings. But why should they ? A) People can now spend more on housing because other costs (food, electricals are lower) The population has grown in recent years but the housing supply has not. Therefore why will house prices fall to their historic ratio ? Other goods are cheaper/more expensive in real terms than 10/20/30 years ago, why not housing ? Do these people also believe council tax will fall to the average level of the rates 20 years ago ?
  4. It is partly because of i) lax credit lending (the government and banks),ii) partly high immigration (the government) and iii) partly tough planning control (the government and local government). Also the government should explain that if we want (ii) we can not have (iii). So who is responsible Tony Blair. Who sold his house in 1997 which shows how much he understands this.
  5. I used to have a lodger who never turned lights, heating etc off - even when leaving the house. Partially because of this he had to leave. Now he has big fuel bills. To say I am sympathetic is not quite true. I wonder how many other people have the same problem.
  6. I don't have any the person in question lost so much they will not talk about it. However I do know that they lost the properties so will not make any money and can not recover their losses. Actually this is not a joke it is true.
  7. A colleague of mine lost a lot of money on BTL. But this person still thinks it is a good idea and wants to do it again. What motivates people like this ?
  8. I feel ill when it gets hotter than about 21 C and I am not at the beach. Therefore I have to stay here. Unless there are any jobs in Northern Canada.
  9. Actually it has gone up by more than usual since Labour came to power. The reason why people think prices are going to rise is because we have an open door immigration policy, generous benefits particulary for people like refugees (I know many, so I know what we are talking about) and strong planning controls. Sadly none of these are likely to change or perhaps fortunately for me because I have just bought. I know what you mean about having a life and I empathise.
  10. True, but that is because the UK population increases every year which most political parties support. Personally I don't think there will be one. Or if there is it won't crash to even 2000 / 2001 affordibility (see above) Actually you can if you don't mind renting a room as opposed to a flat - of course you should not have to live like this but that is the UK today
  11. Very true although I would like to point out that this is what most of them voted for (eg Lab, Lib, Con) at the last election. It is amazing to think that 5 years you could buy a decent flat in London earning £23k and now you can not in Bournemouth.
  12. Are you saying that girls become pregnant to get houses ? How true. I know single mums who came to the UK because of the good deal they get.
  13. We have to go to uni because you screwed the employment market so you need a degree to get what you could with good 0 levels 30 years ago. Thanks guys.
  14. I got 5.2 times 5 years ago. However for those flat earthers who believe immigration has nothing to do with house prices. At the same time, an immigrant I know was given rent free a nice property than I could afford even with a big mortgage. I wouldn't have paid so much for my property if a) I had not had such a large mortgage the government via immigrants had not been paying BTL landlords lots of money in the same area. Both are responsible for HPI.
  15. You would be lucky to afford that. Good luck the more tax payers who leave the UK the sooner things will have to change.
  16. It is quite simple. An immigrant gets £5.5 per hour and rents out a room the landlord saves up the money and a) can sell his property - don't worry easy to get lodgers to help pay the mortgage and move up the ladder with the savings. I MOVED UP THE LADDER LIKE THAT. Or maybe I am a racist and all immigrants live in rabbit warrens so as to not only help our economy but also to not use up any of our resources.
  17. But why should people who live together be treated like they are married ? If you want marital rights get married you don't have to be religious. This is making marriage compulsory in all but name. What next people who have slept together should be treated like married couples if they split up ?
  18. It certainly has not fallen where in Lewisham / Bromley. All properties have increased recently.
  19. But more likely to have their rent paid for them by the tax payer. It is does not matter whether people buy a home or not. They are not living on the streets. Therefore either a) they buy a home more HPI rent from BTL more HPI, if they share with friends this is lessened but a house full of 15 immigrants keeps a BTL going for longer - more HPI c) get a council house forcing someone else to do ( or (d) d) rent a room the owner saves up and moves up the ladder - I did it like that . result more HPI. Which bit do you do not believe ?
  20. That would be like protesting against Labour by voting for Labour. http://policy.greenparty.org.uk/mfss/migrat.html
  21. Two questions :- 1) Do immigrants in the US get help with housing like many here do ? 2) In the US are planning laws as tight as here ? If the answers are no and no then the US example is not relevant.
  22. Ha ha ha. There was large scale immigration before 2003. I know someone who has been here for 8 years all the time living in housing the government paid for her - that obviously has an effect on house prices. I bet her BTL landlord was well chuffed that because of this refugee who got his mortgage and a bit extra paid for 2 years. Actually I know quite a few other immigrants who came her before 2003 and get help with all/some of their housing costs. Let me explain how immigration has HPI. I let rooms in my house to help with the expensive mortgage. Immigrants pay me rent therefore I can pay afford to pay the mortgage. No immigrants - no holidays and very little money. Other people who are even worse off than me get foreclosed.
  23. The problem is not immigration just immigrants who believe in a particular religion. It is very unfair to compare other immigrants with these immigrants.
  24. I wouldn't. Just because I do not want to live in the world's most populated country (or even number 10). Doesn't mean I am racist.
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