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  1. Housing is a basic need but not housing where you want. If it is can I have a terraced house in South Kensington. If they can't afford to live in inner London why don't they - like the rest of us have to - move to outer London ?
  2. Who has said that ? I can not remember anyone saying that. Saying immigration should be controlled and that lots of people coming here can cause HPI is not quite the same that they are all criminals.
  3. Giving luxuries could help the environment but I don't know about education a lot of the problems are from lack of discipline and bad managment etc. However if you want to help the environment why do you want lots of people to move here (a lot by plane and will go home each year by plane) ? BTW do you believe everything the Government says ? Or just when it agrees with your view point ?
  4. What is that number and how should we ensure we do not exceed it ? Personally I think talk like that is racist 500 million can live here if they want to. Or even 6 billion
  5. It is strange that they can only give figures for people from Eastern Europe. The percentage of other migrants who recieve benefits, get council housing, are involved in crime, second generation migrants who become criminals etc. Are figures that no one knows but for Eastern Europeans who are on the whole model migrants we know everything. I for example would love to know the percentage of South Americans who give help with housing. I would guess that if you count indirect help it is greater than 50%.
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6143594.stm So you believe that migrant workers do not keep inflation low ?
  7. No one has said that, most people believe the problems in the NHS, trains etc are because of poor management. Although of course more people does not help. If the health service can't treat 60 million people another million is probably not a good idea. Likewise if transport for London does not work with 7 million with 7.5 million it will be even less pleasant. Why do they only talk about migrants from some countries ? Is it because there is evidence that some migrants from other countries are here to recieve benefits ? I would guess that is the reason because I know people from South America and Spain etc who came here for benefits. BTW do you believe everything the Government says ? When do you think they will find the WMD in Iraq ? If they lied to take us to war wouldn't they lie to get their immigration policy accepted ?
  8. In many ways :- 1) They could be benefit seekers (ie people who come here to live off benefits because they are a single mum) I know 2 people like that and have known others. Gordon takes money from you and pays their rent. Their BTL landlord laughes all the way to the bank. If we told them work or go home then their BTL landlord might have to sell - but he doesn't need to worry. 2) They come here to work and rent a room in a rented house and help BTL. 3) They rent a room from an owner occupier who uses the income to trade up - I did that. I hope that explains it to you.
  9. Maybe but I doubt it. He is in prison now but she has hardly rushed forward to sell her story now she is free of him.
  10. She could always do what Abu Hamza's wife did - tell the council he was beating her and they gave her an expensive house to live in. A few weeks later he moved in - the good news is that he then stopped hitting her - if he ever was.
  11. Actually they do turn up in London so that is not true. For petty crime eg bike being vandalised etc they only turn if you or a family member can claim it is a hate crime if my personal experience is anything to go by.
  12. I do feel very sorry for her and her family but why did no one lose their job after deciding to let the scum that killed her stay in the UK in the first place.
  13. Here you are :- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml.../ixnewstop.html If like me you have an immigrant wife who wants toyou to move to her country this figure make it harder to say no. By current trends it goes up 25% each year.
  14. All political parties are of course to some extent a narrow frame of mind. Believing for example Britian can be an independent country to me does not seem a particulary bigoted view unless you believe everyone in Iceland is bigotted - they believe that they can be independent. Anythat is off topic. I would agree with two provisos :- 1) Crime level have gone by a lot since the 1950 and quite a bit since the 1980's. Norman Tebbit could not make his speech about his father getting on his bike to look for work nowdays as people would point out that it would get nicked (at least cyclists would). 2) Crime does not cause people to emigrate however it removes a reason to not emigrate. Ie in the 1950's if you were thinking of leaving the UK for almost anywhere in the world one reason not to go would be it is lot safer in the UK now that is less of the reason. BTW I don't like the use of the word of the epidemic to talk about crime. I think my cricket analogy in the 1950's the UK was to crime what the west Indies were to cricket in the 70's and 80's now we are like them in cricket today and sadly no one seems to care.
  15. They say travel broadens the mind you obviously need to stay away longer. Is this is an acceptable source ? :- http://www.civitas.org.uk/pubs/concernAbou...me.php#_ednref3 "In the police-recorded figures, robberies, an offence not much affected by recording changes, rose in from 25 thousand in 1983 to 121 thousand in the year ending March 2002, before being attacked by police measures in 2002 which brought the figure to 108 thousand in the year ending March 2003" While of course crime had risen a lot before 1983.
  16. Are you including their pensions when you calculate their pay ? But people like that in the private sector lose their job in the end. Which most people suspect takes longer in the public sector.
  17. Personally I think there are cheaper countries than India some south American countries would be better. Also of course we would be providing jobs for people who are unemployed
  18. If you read this then you will realise the budget is not the problem. http://coppersblog.blogspot.com/ Under the Tories murderers got the same crazy "punishments" as now. So if you think they will take us back to 1950's crime levels you are sadly mistaken. Unless Camermoron is planning to build more prisons (or better still offshore lifers ie pay eg Bolivia to lock up Ian Huntley etc for a lot less than it costs us) the Tories will not help.
  19. You do know that there as well as there being hard working immigrants that there are lots of immigrant chavs ? Sadly I am related to some by marriage and they live off our taxes just the same as UK ones do. Also many hard working immigrants get subsidised housing - unlike all English people I know who work. Personally I think immigration could be a good thing if we said no benefits for 5 years, break the law and you get deported and of course - no more muslims I travel in London so I'd rather not get blown up.
  20. I agree perspective is needed with regards to crime. Crime compared to other countries is lower eg somalia. However I prefer to compare to Britian's past "In 1963 there were 148 cases of murder in England and Wales. In October 2002, the Sunday Times reported that in the first eight months of 2002, there were 135 murders in the Metropolitan police area alone." http://www.ukip.org/index.php?menu=fivefre...e=fivefreedoms2 The fact that crime is still lower than Somalia is not a great cheer considering the level it used to be. Think about Sport, can you imagine the West Indian Cricket board saying "yes we got thrashed 4-0 by England 2 years ago but hey we are still better than Bangladesh so don't worry ?" Of course not they want to be able to beat England as they could 20 years ago
  21. So you dislike British people because of things like that. But you yourself are not British because you are Scottish (obviously you don't know that Scotland is part of Britain). Ironically Labour is Scottish dominated. Blair is Scottish, Brown is Scottish, Cook was Scottish etc. I can understand why you want to leave I'd like to get far away from our Scottish masters as well.
  22. I rented rooms to immigrants and saved the money and put it to a deposit for a more expensive house. Now I do the same and can pay my mortgage. Of course with pay rises I hopefully won't need them in the future.
  23. It also explains why people who used to think immigration is a good thing are not so sure. Personally I moved up the housing ladder because of immigration so I know from personal experience that helps HPI. Personally I think that immigration has caused house prices to rise and we are in trouble if a) immigration reduces a high price crash will damage the economy and immigration does not reduce HPI will continue which will be bad for young people and people want to move etc. Thanks Tony.
  24. Are you British ? If you are and you are like this why would any foreigners want to speak to you ? If you are British and you are not like this then why say something that is not true. If you are not British and you think like this - at Heathrow you will find a solution to this problem.
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