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  1. Ditto. We did IVF last year (successful) and IVF and STR at the same time are a very bad idea. I feel sorry for people priced out (unless they voted Labour or Lib Dem or Tory in 2005).
  2. I always thought that affordable meant housing only certain people can buy i.e not me as I am a white man and do not work for the Government.
  3. Good career advice ? For a lot of people it is a waste of time.
  4. And they have to pay taxes to support wasters. But most of them voted for it !
  5. Why ? I know loads of hard working immigrants [although quite a few of these get social housing], I also know loads who are chavs [most of which get social housing]. I would not be surprised if the two do not cancel each other out and then of course we have Islamic terrorism which is caused by immigration.
  6. In a few years time the romanians will go home as well - leaving their chavs behind ! My wife is a hard working immigrant and she wants us to go to her country. Strangely friends of ours who are immigrants but - unlike us - get cheap/free housing do not want to go home .
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7282923.stm I bet the wasters will stay and we will only lose hard working Poles.
  8. On the program they did a sting and got a landlord on tape asking for sex, he did not got it but it is depressing that he thought that he could ask for it. I have seen dodgy ads on gumtree but to be fair they are free flat in return for sex which is not so bad.
  9. My ex neighbour lived off benefits - still burgled my house though ! btw he was the child or grandchild of immigrants.
  10. Really ? When you are next ill, think about who developed your medicine, it was not a miner. Then again I would not say that the miners should not have a fair wage and of course the right to vote to strike or not.
  11. The thing is that there is not a free market in housing. I have to subsidize some people's rent (eg single mums) if they did not get this the BTL owners of their property would have to sell and prices would fall (or fall more).
  12. I have a colleague who lost lots of money on BTL and wasted a year of her life - sadly she won't tell me what happened. She still wants to get into it again.
  13. To get very rich ? I don't like BTl mainly because I (via paying taxes to Gordon who gives it to wasters like people I know to rent from the BTL,) have to subsidise it. I am not that keen on council houses as well (why should some people get cheap houses, some of them have more money than I had when I bought my flat - again personal knowledge) .
  14. You did not read my post very carefully or my signature and I missed some bits out.. We do not get anything I work, pay for my house myself and pay taxes which is why we want to leave - this country is bad for workers. There are immigrants from Colombia, who want to stay here and live off the social - but my wife is not one of them that is why she wants to go back !!! I have paid taxes for years the only reason why we want to have children is because time is not on our side. Fortunately for the taxpayer we will leave as soon as our children can go to school, although that is of course fortunate for my children , the schools in London are rubbish !!! Of course if we did not pay for lazy people (immigrants or not) hard working people (of any race) would want to stay here. Although it amazes we import MORE wasters - don't we have enough of our own !!
  15. It cost us £2k in 2000 and we had about 90 people there. We had the reception at the church hall which meant no alcohol was allowed which was good as some guests have problem. On the subject of emigrating my wife is from Colombia and thinks life there now it is getting safer is so much better than here unless you have subsidised housing here, which explains why most Latin Americans don't want to go back (they living in council housing). As soon as we finish having kids and they are old enough to move - we will be leaving.
  16. The problem is that immigrant workers might go home but immigrant chavs will never do so. I can not believe that there are not any Polish chavs here although they are probably less than many other groups.
  17. True but renting is relatively a worse deal in London compared to other parts of the UK. A friend of mine rents out a flat worth 200 k for £800 pcm in London but in the midlands he rents a house worth £300 k for £770 pcm.
  18. There is just one point there are lots of migrants who do not work and for that matter get council housing or free private rented. I know quite a few.
  19. I still think that it is a minority view. If you ever read any immigrant press it is very unusual to read any articles that report that view. My common is things like "I missed the English summer last year - I was asleep" !! I have known over 30 immigrants from countries (Colombia, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay) hotter than UK and only 1 said she likes the climate here !!
  20. Population does not affect house prices. Only racists or VI think that.
  21. Actually I saw that 6 years ago. It was because the house was not suitable for a mortage (concrete).
  22. Good point what has foreign policy got to do with letting wasters in ? Because our government is not perfect we should go money to lazy people - clever. I think letting in desirable immigrants could be a good idea. But why does any one want eg more pro single mums here ??
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