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  1. If you only watch ITV you have a lot to complain about.
  2. It is partially because of paying towards those who do not work that working is pointless. Of course there is another reason why paying towards to single parents is a bad idea :- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...ndaycare306.xml " 70% of young criminals have lone parents" On the plus side I want to emmigrate in a few years if people are still paying loads to single mums it will only help me get more money when I sell my home.
  3. Actually if you were my friend you would not make personal attacks. Actually they don't http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article620735.ece
  4. Good idea. I think the flaw for Guardian readers is that those who are social workers will have less work in the long term.
  5. I think a benefits system is a good idea. However i) getting pregnant at 16-22 should not lead to luxury accomodation. Only housing that workers do not need should be given. Ie nothing in the south east if workers have to move to work why shouldn't single mums have to move to get a council flat to somewhere they have spare flats. However I don't think this would happen in 95% of the time they will live with their parents or work or just not get pregnant if they can not get a flat that workers can not afford. ii) There should be a max benefit amount no more than 35 thousand per year iii) Probably people should not be on benefits for live - they have done something like this in the US and it has been a success.
  6. Something tells me that you are being ironic. Then again I suppose if you can not disprove the theory you must ridcule it or accept it. The theory of course is :- "If people who work have to pay for other people it makes harder for the workers to have a house".
  7. Sadly he says this to all topics. It is so banal it is untrue.
  8. Are you crazy ? I just said that I do not want to pay for war in Iraq or single mums to have luxury housing (compared to most people 20-35 it is luxury). I did not say I do not want to pay taxes for schools, hospitals etc
  9. Very true things here are better than in Africa so lets not try to change anything here and in some magical way that will make their life better. About 25 posts ago someone said "If people who work have to pay for other people it makes harder for the workers to have a house". No one has said anything to disprove that just insults or rubbish about Africa. To be honest I don't that no one will provide any figures to disprove this because it is true. In many places in the South East workers commute for miles whilst single mums get housing near the worker's office. Perhaps some one could explain a) why this is fair why the pollution this causes helps anyone - including those who live in Africa.
  10. Why can't I not pay for either ? Not really I just don't want them to have so much money and housing that I could never afford. Amazing that no one has even attempted to disprove that paying for parasites to have a good house makes it more difficult for workers to have decent homes. The only good thing is that as the population ages the parasites will have to work
  11. Why was that post so absurd ? BTW I think you will find that Gordon's wives (those who rely on him for their house etc) do vote Labour if they can be bothered to vote. No one factor is responsible for HPI but those who have their rent paid for by working people are partly responsible for workers not being to afford homes.
  12. Who said that ? This is a typical strawman arguement you claim that your opponent said x and then attack them for saying x - it is not very honest is it.
  13. We are not blaming them for all our problems it is not their fault England got thrashed at Rugby, that it rained a lot last night, that the trains are rubbish, that crime is rising (well maybe that one is their fault bearing in mind the number of young thugs on TV who come from a single parent family). But obviously if someone takes money from me to live in a nice flat or house then I have a) less money to live in a nice flat or house there is one less house for me to buy/rent.
  14. Why should people look elsewhere for blame when you have given us no figures to prove your assertions ? Now I used to work in Woking. I know that people who work there have real problems finding somewhere to live there. I also know that lots of single mums get given housing there. I don't know that the two are connected but no one has ever shown any evidence that they are not probably because they can't.
  15. So if Tony takes money from me and gives it to someone else to rent a nice house because they are a single parent. Then that has no affect on my ability to afford to buy/rent a nice house for me, even if I would like to rent/buy the house the other person has but I do not have the same amount as them because Tony B took some from me to give to them??? Wow that is amazing. So it is just coincidence that a country crowded like Holland has enough housing for working people and gives less money to single mums.
  16. My Dutch lodger told me that she was amazed that people live in shared housing here. She said that in Holland only students need to share houses not people with a decent job. Last night she found one reason why on the news they were talking about single mums having to work when their children are 12 in Holland they already have to work when they are 6. Also of course they get less benefits.
  17. We don't have low unemployment they are just get sick benefits instead in 1983 we have 3 million unemployed and 400,000 on sickness we now have 2.7 million sick and 1 million unemployed. But don't worry they will all be on the sick soon.
  18. I know someone who wants to get into BTL she believes property will always go up. BTW she has lost money in the past but believes she justs need to researchit more.
  19. How much was it before ? I bet it is still really cheap.
  20. Of course if the state did not force people who work to pay housing for wasters - then working people would be able to afford somewhere decent.
  21. You can't get a mortgage until you are 18. If you have cash I think you can buy at any age. Although for most under 18's that is not a possibility, it wasn't for me so I could be wrong.
  22. Clever idea we are the ones who pay a lot in taxes and get zero back. If we were to leave this country would be like Zimbabwe.
  23. I know many immigrants who do not earn much who can afford to rent there. Unless you are a single mum or immigrant or ideally both
  24. I don't believe it to be true - I know many immigrants (not all some aren't lucky) who got housing very quickly - some are relations of mine. A lot of them live in accomodation that English people would need to pay a fortune to rent - but they don't pay that much. I know immigrants who got council flats in holborn - I have never every met an English person with a flat somewhere like that and visiting their flat - there are very few English people on that estate. If you really believe immigrants are favoured - go to places like the world end estate in Chelsea. Most people there are immigrants far more than the average in London and I bet lots of English people would love to live there. Of course blaming the immigrants is not 100% fair - the real culprits are the scum who let people in to this country but will not let the market build housing for them. However it is fair to blame people who lie to get housing for the shortage (I know some)
  25. Excellent I agree 95%. You should vote UKIP (all this happened under the Tories).
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