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  1. No it isn't - what is the pretext for giving her housing ? Because her parents don't want to help I guess. In that case give her housing a long way from Glasgow ! If they want her nearby - they can pay for it. Housing should go to people who work in an area and can not afford to live there.
  2. As someone is married to an immigrant I can assure you that council housing policy encourages immigration. If priority was not given to homeless immigrants this would reduce immigration. This is why I believe that we will not have a house price crash or at least it will not be as big as Japan etc.
  3. Don't give them a nice house but a grotty flat like many working people have to live in ? Just an idea. I don't want anyone on the street but I don't think that people who do not work should live in housing that many workers can only dream of. I know a benefit seeker (immigrant who comes here to seek benefits) who took the view she would only take flats/houses in London zone 1-3 as she was not paying rent this is an amazing view point - but one that was indulged.
  4. I would give them accomodation in part of the country that has spare housing. After all they can hardly complain where they get housing ? And tell them that if they go home on holiday (not a problem for a genuine refugee) they lose the housing. So many "refugees" find that when they get asylum status going home is not so dangerous.
  5. Your post did not refer to any statistics you just made a statement without proof. However do you just believe that most people who are affected by immigration are the descendants of immigrants or do you have any facts ? Most people in this country are not descended from recent immigrants as only 9% of the population is from an ethnic minority. So why do you think without any figures that the 9% who are from an ethnic minority are more affected than the 91% who are not. Actually people can live in a place with zero immigration and still be affected by immigration. Look at Cornwall where house prices have been pushed up by people from other parts of the country with lots of money moving there. The reason why the incomers have lots of money is because immgration caused HPI in the south east. Also If you don't want a fight why go to insults ? I agree with you that no party will solve this countries problems 100%. However comparing Nick Griffin's lot with UKIP or the Tories implies ignorance about the BNP or UKIP and the Tories or ignorance about all 3.
  6. What do you object to in this :- "QUOTE The first responsibility of a British government is to its own population, not to those who would like to settle here. All British people, including our ethnic minorities, want immigration brought under control. Having taken Britain out of the EU, the UK Independence Party would aim to approach zero net immigration both by imposing far stricter limits on legal immigrants and by taking control, at last, of the vexed problem of illegal immigration." Would you rather they said :- "we aim to have our population increase until we are the most crowded countryin the world" ? Or "We believe that laws are silly and want to encourage illegal immigration" ?
  7. Actually a lot people don't come here because of our economy they come because of the benefits they get. I know people like that who came here for free housing.
  8. What utterrubbish a lot of working class people are not the descendants of immigrants. People are not complaining about the success of immigrants rather that they get priority in housing. Or do you think that people whose parents are from here should get financial help from their family ?
  9. How does she have a head start on the immigrants ? This immigrant is getting nice housing for a mickey mouse rent. BTW my wife is from South America she told me that people living there are told by friends "come to England you might get a cheap house" - why is that a good state of affairs ? To the original poster if you want a solution look at my signature.
  10. True for private tenants as well - should they have the right to buy ?
  11. 1) Credit controls - on the amount people borrow. 2) Control on the amount of rent paid in benefits (ie not subsidising BTL) 3) Immigration controls not increasing supply more than demand.
  12. What logic ? He believes that the UK i) can not discriminate between wasters and workers and ii) that the government does not lie.
  13. Why not ? Other countries do. That is what Australia and the US do with us. Do you think a British single mum or criminal can stay in Oz ? It is quite simple you let people stay providing that they a) they ask for benefits for eg 2 years and can only recieve UK passport if after 8 years living here they have a) not broken the law not received more in benefits than they have paid in taxes. They are a burden to our roads etc as for that matter are natives. That does not mean that overall they are not a benefit.
  14. Do you think all immigrants are the same ? Do you know any ? Some work hard some work reasonably hard and some are bone idle and want to live on benefits. Just like Brits. However there is one difference if a Brit says to social security "I am a single mum give me benefits" we can not say go to your own country and ask them for help. We could say that to immigrants but for some reason we don't. Likewise we can't deport Brit ex-cons (I'd like to) but we can deport Immigrant ex-cons.
  15. If you are talking about stopping Islamic terrorism the second. If you are talking about the economy the first. Although Japan has very little immigration and is not suffering very much from it. Although personally I don't want to stop immigration just stop benefit seekers and criminals coming here. Sadly there are quite of few them I know many personally who should be deported !
  16. Assuming the housing market does not crash was that a good idea on terms of return on investement ?
  17. Because new labour's policies on housing benefits and immigration have caused this and they are in power. You can either accept it or emmigrate or hope that things change. (I would choose emmigration).
  18. Of course the population rising faster than housing supply plus the benefits system has helped. For example I know a bogus asylum seeker (she goes home on holiday every year without being harmed) single mum who gets her rent paid this helps a BTL landlord. She is not the only pro single mum who has come here to take advantage of our benefit systems (in case anyone doubts me, do British single mums move to Spain ? The reverse happens). I myself moved up the housing ladder because I know I can rent out rooms to immigrants. It is perhaps ironic that I first heard this theory from a recently arrived immigrant. Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see what causes the problem. Of course (apart from those who lie to come here) it is not the immigrants' fault. It is the NIMBY liberal scum who rule us who want to let people in but not build more houses.
  19. And nothing will happen. As I know from experience.
  20. Housing is a basic need but not housing where you want. If it is can I have a terraced house in South Kensington. If they can't afford to live in inner London why don't they - like the rest of us have to - move to outer London ?
  21. Who has said that ? I can not remember anyone saying that. Saying immigration should be controlled and that lots of people coming here can cause HPI is not quite the same that they are all criminals.
  22. Giving luxuries could help the environment but I don't know about education a lot of the problems are from lack of discipline and bad managment etc. However if you want to help the environment why do you want lots of people to move here (a lot by plane and will go home each year by plane) ? BTW do you believe everything the Government says ? Or just when it agrees with your view point ?
  23. What is that number and how should we ensure we do not exceed it ? Personally I think talk like that is racist 500 million can live here if they want to. Or even 6 billion
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