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  1. Well done for trying. According to the link And So either a) the Blair's have got a very good lawyer or b) they are going to be in a lot of trouble.
  2. I thought that this loophole had been closed in 2012 https://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/news/stamp-duty-avoiders-have-had-their-warning-says-osborne/ What went wrong I wonder.
  3. +1 On the radio I hear Cherie Blair says that they hadn't asked for this to happen, not really believable.
  4. Although in some parts of the country the values have diverged greatly in the last few years. Friends of mine live in the North West their landlord in 2017 paid less than in 2007 - wouldn't have happened in London.
  5. On the subject of Asylum seekers and housing in 2004 I knew an Asylum seeker who lived in a much nicer part of London than I did. I have lost touch with her - I can't afford to live in the same area as she does. Despite the fact that I earn decent money and she didn't work then!
  6. Possibly earning more than if you had gone to Uni to study history or geography! Which makes one wonder why the Government has pushed this being expanded.
  7. The only bad thing is that by doing that they make Boris look good. I don't want Boris to be prime minister but the alternatives are even worse.
  8. I used to work with an IT contractor in 2001 who reportedly got £250K pa as a result of skills he got on the YTS
  9. Very true the fees are 2% so the real rate is 2% (as it only lasts for 2 years).
  10. There is also an environmental point to consider the world is over populated and so paying people to have lots of children is a bad idea. (I don't think anyone should have more than 2 children but the tax payer paying for is particularly annoying).
  11. You are assuming that he has quite clever parents. I have often said to people in their 60s (owners of a house) that buying a flat is a often bad idea because of leasehold and they look at me like I am on drugs. I think lots of people think that property is always safe particularly his parent's age group.
  12. +1 Not only pay for them - but to live where they want. When the benefit cap came in a single mum was on the radio talking about it and when asked "What do your friends who work think about you having to move?" She said, "most of them have had to move to a cheaper area." I was once told my a single mum that I know that she wouldn't live where I live - despite my taxes paying for her rent!
  13. Also get rid of stupid policies such getting rid of the benefit cap.
  14. Although probably impossible to create a system that helps all people with severe mental illness. Particularly considering one element of mental illness is problems with money. The problem with those have health problems is that there is a lot of fraud in that system. I go to martial arts and one of the top students there is on sickness benefits.
  15. I still think it is a good way to prove that houses are more expensive. People do often say "It is to buy today rates are low wages are higher than the past" by looking at percentages you can see the difference. (I know that they there are wrong but percentages prove it). Two problems a) QE making retirement more expensive b) Life expectancy making retirement more expensive - although this has some advantages unlike QE.
  16. Perhaps I was not clear the problem is that houses are unaffordable. People will say (not me) they are not because lower interest rates mean that prices are affordable or wages have risen a lot. Therefore the only way to prove how bad the problem is to show the cost as a percentage of wages to maintain the mortgage. Now this is not that easy to calculate because although I can find on line base rate in 1990 - I don't know if consumers paid that or not. Does that make sense?
  17. I meant that graph does not show how low interest rates make the cost not as a bad as it appears - although it is still bad.
  18. This however doesn't take into account interest rates which make it better than it seems (still bad though). I am not downplaying the problem - just trying to counter any arguments about interest rates making the growth irrelevant(it hasn't).
  19. No I agree with you. I was saying there is that small benefit. Actually I think it is worse than say, low interest rates normally mean wages grow slower. However for the sake of simplicity I am only looking for year one figures - which are surprisingly difficult to find in real terms.
  20. Very true, also insulting the UK public is not really relevant to this thread.
  21. True although if interest rates are low I suppose over pay pays a lot more of the principal. True but lets keep things simple.
  22. But what is the ratio? And I would say ratio of wage to asset price is not that relevant as most people buy with mortgages.
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