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  1. Sadly lots of people believe that the only thing that is important is interest rates - demand and supply are not important.
  2. A friend of mine is a civil servant and was told to work from home - despite the fact that they couldn't connect to the office for security reasons. They are now back in the office.
  3. From 2018 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/labour-subsidy-for-non-white-members-divisive-and-illegal-l73nmslnb
  4. Translation we had a breathing space and could have used to pay off debts - we didn't help!!!!
  5. It is weird about people looking at fuel bills. In 2001 thanks to HPI I and other first time buyers were paying £100 pcm or more than we would have done. However no one cared about us. Gas prices rising are a disaster.
  6. I can't believe this I would be less surprised by England winning the Ashes 5-0 than the Bank of England rushing into raising interest rates - when did they last raise interest rates and with hindsight most people agreed it was too soon?
  7. I think it is more that it is very difficult to reduce immigration which causes population growth because a) people want to come here b) trying to stop it results in being called racist.
  8. True but the people who wanted to build the housing can't stop any of those. Even if all these policies stopped tomorrow we would still need some new housing.
  9. I wouldn't post it all as it would break the paywall. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/nimbys-vs-millionaires-english-village-war1/ However in this village some people want to build new homes - and provide facilities at the same time This bit made me smile Although I suppose some would say that the problem is only caused by interest rates and we don't need to build new houses. (I do think low interest rates are part of the problem but we do need more homes). This bit is very depressing They don't have any infrastructure it is just a row of houses on a road and a village hall!
  10. I voted Tory last time and however if there had been a reasonable party that didn't support HPI that might have got my vote. However there was a party of any type that didn't support HPI so I am not sure you are right. Of course I fear I am not typical of voters (of any party).
  11. Apparently WFH is causing problems in the civil service - but of course they might be a special case. HGV licenses for example.
  12. Some people sadly don't seem to know - or are shutting their eyes.
  13. Very true I would recommend anyone who is concerned about the environment to consider donating to the world land trust - they have a big match now. Save species and reduce global warming https://www.worldlandtrust.org/
  14. A lot of insect species in Britain that are endangered live on grasslands - planting trees could be a bad idea.
  15. In the UK it says https://uk.gofundme.com/f/ukblm-fund If anyone wants to get rid of capitalism they should say what they want to replace it with - which is not an unreasonable request to ask of them.
  16. Any successful opposition to the Tories should stop saying things like "It is not true that only women have cervixes" and stop any opposition to the benefit cap. I think Brexit is less important than people think. I would not have voted Labour if they had been pro Brexit and the Tories pro remain.
  17. Very true. Sadly very very few politicians were against HTB. It is quite depressing. Sadly any future government will come too late for many people HPI started to cause problems 21 years ago! Some people don't seem to realize that they are just encouraging people to vote for the useless Tories.
  18. Pro HPI plus loony left is better than Pro HPI minus loony left. A bit like choosing between the least crazy woman to marry though
  19. True although it is a lot better off than Bolivia, El Salvador etc. We would not like the UK to be like Brazil - but for some countries it would be an improvement.
  20. No of course not the most violent country according to your list is El Salvador and it is far more equal than Brazil. It actually the most equal country in Latin America - and the most violent.
  21. If people had more choice then maybe less would vote for Labour. I really hope that all our political parties go the way of Betamax videos.
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