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  1. I would really like to see what percentage of the average income is needed to pay a monthly mortgage and the number of months needed to save a deposit.
  2. That sounds like they will be repossed in August and are hoping to be able to sell.
  3. You have to be very careful in Cartagena the sea is very dangerous - quite a lot of Colombia is like that to be honest.
  4. I would recommend Costa Rica rather than Colombia much safer and easier. Bolivia is also meant to be nice (never been).
  5. I think you are projecting. When I tell you what made me vote Brexit you talk about the Tories (I decided to support Brexit under Labour so they are pretty irrelevant). I didn't support Brexit in the past - and if things had been probably wouldn't have done. If I had been given the power in 2010 to change five things about the UK - leaving the EU wouldn't have been one of them.
  6. +1 I wouldn't vote Tory if there were a better party that didn't support HTB nor getting rid of the benefit cap. It was because of people like you. Talking to you would have made me more not less likely to vote leave.
  7. With that sort of attitude, listening carefully to your opponents and trying to meet their concerns. It is a mystery that remain lost. When did I mention benefit cheats? All these people had claims that were valid under our system - the problem is that our system is far too generous with housing benefit. The funny thing is that I could have voted remain under the right circumstances.
  8. Labour were in power 97-2010 so why didn't they change the benefit system? Also what is the cost (apart from politically) of saying "You get benefits for six months in London after that - you get an empty house in an ex pit village."? Sounds great an empty home gets someone in it to look after it, a commuter gets a shorter commute and the tax payer saves money!
  9. If it happened very rarely then why not stop it? Surely stopping that something that does not happen very much is not a big deal?
  10. But it wasn't an option on the ballot paper sadly. It was status quo or leave. Goodness knows why we couldn't have all these things. For example not giving people who don't work in London housing in London is not that radical.
  11. That is not true. I voted for Brexit because a) I knew someone who got of the plane in 1999 and was given flat in an expensive area b) I wasn't happy with not being able to vote on previous treaties. Now if instead an expensive area my acquaintance had been given a valueless house in a ex pit village and we had plenty of referenda then I would never have even thought about support Brexit. Countries like Denmark were probably more anti the EU than the UK in the 90s - but they got to vote on treaties we didn't.
  12. Sorry I should we couldn't change it because although a minority of people supported the benefits system - a majority of politicians and people in the media system supported it. I hope that is clearer. Thank you.
  13. I don't mind foreigners buying here so much (although if they live here they might find that taxes will take away their investment). I mind people being coming here and being given free housing. Now of course that was not the EU's fault, but sadly we couldn't change it. +1 I think if Spain had been as generous as us and loads of economically inactive Brits had gone there to live off Spanish benefits we would not have had Brexit - we might have had Spain leave the EU though!
  14. I am sorry that people are unhappy about that. I was unhappy that people could get off a plane and have nice housing for free when I couldn't afford it, sadly no one cared about that.
  15. Very true. Ironically I think a compromise would have been the best idea. Staying in the EU with a reformed benefit system, working towards the CFP being fairer, referenda on treaties, a clear plan showing enough housing etc could be built. Sadly that was not an option - no one wanted that apart from me.
  16. We could have changed the benefits system to discourage EU migration. My problem with FOM is that we were paying for it in many cases via benefits. We could have held referenda like other EU countries on treaties.
  17. The French could have accepted UK pet passports - we accept theirs*. Personally not a problem for me I don't own a dog nor a campsite in France. If I owned a campsite in the UK I would try to capitalize on the hassle and expense of an EU pet passport.
  18. If people had cared about the legitimate concerns people had about the EU - Brexit probably wouldn't have happened.
  19. I can't believe that people would have gone away to the EU for 6 months don't spend any money in the UK instead. (It is of course possible that people will spend the money outside the EU or the UK). BTW I should have been and said that I am not saying that this is a big deal either way - but it does seem strange the EU wants to punish its travel industry over Brexit. I have a French friend and because of Brexit it is now harder for him to take his dog back to France seems a bit unfair on him.
  20. That is good news for the UK holiday industry and bad news for the EU holiday industry. Same with the rules on dogs travelling - making it harder for UK citizens to go on holiday to the EU doesn't seem to be a very clever idea for the EU tourist industry. Providing that EU citizens can't get benefits I don't have any problems with them coming here. I do wonder why pro EU politicians didn't change the benefit system as there was resentment from at least 2001, a bit late now.
  21. I think that is partly true - no pensioner should get pension credit if they live in an expensive home.
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