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  1. Yeah right, England willingly handing over the last dregs of the empire, thats not going to happen any time soon.
  2. I think war on a global scale is a potential outcome in this scenario we find ourselves in, but not a war in the conventional sense, this one may well be started by the common man.
  3. Same here, give each household £600 worth of sports equipment, might tempt people to get off their fat arses. How can a few days of sports cost £10bn, madness, in a country thats already about to be repossessed.
  4. We all need to look to Iceland on how to take back power and wipe out corruption. http://www.truth-out...-not/1322327303
  5. I voted gold, The house, well who knows what the SE is going to look like if and when things get worse, stuck with an asset in a place where it may well be uninhabitable in the next decade. Cash, who knows if that will be safe, in the current climate I would say high risk. Shares, better than cash if invested in sensible companies. Gold, safe if you can get your hands on it, it might lose its value a bit if things settle out, but also strong possibilities on the up side. I'd go 50% gold, 30% shares 20% cash.
  6. Ask a taxi driver, strong language be warned>>
  7. This is exactly what needs to happen, this is crux of our economic woes, even a strict mortgage borrowing limit like 1x earnings. Is it really beneficial for our economy for everyone in this country to be mired in debt? This would slash house prices, we then let exposed banks go bust, use bailout money to protect savings/pensions and start from scratch with super tight regulation, the economy would reshape itself in a more productive sustainable way. The system as it stands is doomed to fail.
  8. You cant 'put your life on hold', your either living or your dead.
  9. I think your worry is justified Fred. Society has always evolved and will always evolve, to the point where we become truly civilised. The oncoming pain is another growing pain on our way to sustainability, civility and peace. Right now we have offices the length and breadth the country stuffed to the gunwales full of people sitting staring blankly at screens all day long, we have people sitting at home on handouts. Who knows, a change from dull office life or sitting transfixed at the TV to out working in the fields might be a revelation... A good hard kick up the **** we really need, bring forth the revolution..
  10. So we can deduce from this the act of sleeping is now illegal in your own shed, which is yours. I'd tell them they have got it all wrong, I was just resting with my eyes closed, I like to be in my shed during night, i'm actually nocturnal.
  11. I agree with you there, if peak oil really does turn out to be true in the next decade,, then that is one scary graph!!
  12. The way I see it a typical goldbug would wait till society sorts itself out after a year or so, then trade back for paper and buy up assets, The idea of a goldbug heading to the shop with a krugerrand for a loaf of bread is lunacy, not in a million years.
  13. They are packed into boxes for transport, so, best avoid sticking your cucumber in a dirty box, you never know what you might catch.
  14. Dont think they grow with ecoli in them, probably just those crazy Germans been playing 'hide ze cucumber' again, but forgetting to rinse them afterwards.
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