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  1. It is a bit frustrating if you regularly have to move money about to chase the higher savings rates. After the usual bonus period ends and cash is moved again; you end up with redundant accounts which seems a security risk even though they all have different login passwords. I had no problems closing a previous ING account and b&b online saver.
  2. I no longer have any Egg accounts on-line and have closed all my accounts. I wanted to completely close the account so any login details and personal data is removed. I sent a secure on-line message and the response is below. Is this correct ? If I have no debts and have fully paid off the credit card and closed the savings account. Dear David Under the Data Protection Act we have to keep access to your account details for 6 years after the last account with us is closed. Therefore we are unable to cancel the online details. You do have the option to fail the security access to the account
  3. Yes, ring then for the form for alterations to the property. I needed to do the same to widen the driveway posts since they was so narrow to fit any car wider than an old style mini... balmy council ideas to install narrow gates in the first place. It took 3 months to get a reply though. A few in my area have done the same but I am sure some just did so without asking.
  4. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=s_iMS31mqmU Made me smile.
  5. Good for him, so what if he takes a pay cut. Why should you be so bothered. Better to be happy in a job than miserable doing some daily rat race grind just for a few 'bob' more.
  6. No, that's not right... what you are meant to say to the customer is 'Do you want fries with that' BTW, he has a point. I hated my IT support job after a few years and hated the commute even more. I felt trapped with no freedom or flexibility from the company, as long as the damn server or CEO's PC got fixed
  7. I have mine in cash, icesave and premium bonds but I don't think its in the best place. Problem for me is I live off the modest interest at the moment. I understand your predicament, I'm an engineer by trade so know zero about the financial world and investments... pass me the screw driver and soldering iron
  8. I started out as an electronics / systems engineer working on scada and control systems. As the engineering industry declined I dropped out of work and re-studied to convert my hnd in electronics to a degree in computing. I then worked several years in software and IT but realised that also had peaked and was on the slow decline with out sourcing. Employers pay engineers like me next to nothing for several years of study in uni with equal experience while some slick marketing guy gets the rewards beacause they think they can outsource my job. Experience and having the right technical mind set
  9. Isn'nt the new Citroen car; part designed in China, the C-Triomphe ? Sure I read that somewhere. Some other info and links here. Have'nt checked them out. Just found doing a quick google. Maybe worth a read. http://www.cheskin.com/blog/blog/archives/000502.html http://www.cheskin.com/blog/blog/archives/000867.html My Malaysian friend worked in China for some years before moving to the UK and he designed and patented some kind of high freq video filter for VHS tape recorders, superior to the mainstream chip being used in all players at the time. I am not a video or RF engineer so don't know
  10. Geezzz, your all freaking me out here. Stop it now. I hope it does not come to that. I'm no way in the ideal location or have the space to store gallons of water, food etc.
  11. I see this quite a bit now, myself and a few friends who are qualified and experienced electronic engineers. I manage off my savings and investments now which just about scrapes me through each month. Having both an HND and OU degree in electronics is worthless in the UK and I choose not to work in a bar or shop for minimum wage. So I guess I am one of the economically inactive. 20 years experience going to waste really and I cannot afford to move and buy a house in a better area so I just gave up and wait to see what the future holds. Maybe I'll get lucky on my Premium Bonds. At one time I wa
  12. That is the one. Amazing amplifier for the price and yes 5000+ in the usa just for a damn badge. I don't think it can last. Some of the UK hifi mags are starting to wake up to these kind of products... dealers are still a bit behind
  13. Not true actually. I work with a HK company selling diy audio products and some parts such as caps are sourced from Germany, transformer cores from Japan. Chassis and other electronic parts from China. So you don't think they are the manufacturing capital of the world ? I have no doubt they will be regarded as an engineering capital in time.
  14. You should look into ordering one of these and take a look at the Aurum Cantus speakers while your at it. All from china. I had a nice chat with the manager of practical hi-fi a few weeks back when me and a friend took a china made Esound e5 cd player to compare with some musical fidelity kit. He was a bit frustrated as a result of many hi-end china made products taking his business away, esp with audiophiles in the know who would normally be big spenders. They are just left to the high street punters now, who know very little or don't care about hi-fi in general but want a better than currys
  15. This is not exactly true. I am into hi-fi and as an example close to me... if you do your research you will find that many hi-end audio and AV brands sold in the UK and the US are made in china. Some can even be bought as oem from the factory at a fraction of the cost of the same or similar product branded in a well known western name. For example the Red Rose Affirmation amplifier costs $5000+ in the good ole USA, that same amp can be bought for $800 sold as a korsun v6i in china. The unit is exactly the same without the badge. It's a big American Class A transistor muscle amp BTW. We have h
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