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  1. Gee whiz... 7% in Ireland.. and I thought england was bad. Do the irish have an economic death wish?
  2. Thats awful! I have often been in tears over the situation as my husband and I value our privacy very much. It is one of my many regrets that I have not bought a house yet.. I hope your wife feels better and send her my regards. She's not the only one and it is completely normal to feel this way when someone invades your space.
  3. thats sweet of you to reply (can you tell I'm a chick).. but unfortunately my 2 year old son likes to stick his glasses and toys down the toilet.. then flush it about 20 times until it breaks the plastic bits inside. The engineer said he'd never seen anything like it.. and refuses to come back to the house until we obtain a lock for the door. Unfortunately the landlord will not allow us to have a lock for the door so we have just stopped using the toilet all together. Such is Life!
  4. Southern marin is a very nice area. I wander if the house crash is going to affect the better areas as much. And curious to what dr. bubb and realist bear think about the future of prestigious areas where everyone buys into the postcode here in the uk as well as the us.
  5. Yipee ... I am so happy.. I'm already planning on buying a second home on the beach.. I've been thinking santa barbera.. or maybe san francisco.. Oh the sunshine.. How I miss the sunshine! ...And God Created California! In the Beginning God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael the archangel found him, resting on the seventh day. He inquired of God. "Where have you been?" God sighed a deep sigh of satisfaction and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, "Look, Michael. Look what I've made." Archangel Michael looked puzzled and said, "What is it?" "It's a planet," re
  6. Who said shes getting shot? Don't people think that sometimes the media blows things out of proportion? I don't see them airing the fact that private schools in the UK get away with shoving Jesus down kids throats without telling the parents before they sign up! I just cannot see sudan punishing this teacher the way the media is making it sound. And to be fair I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to englishicize the kids in the first place. Of course that wouldn't be a crime because white western christians are perfect and don't commit mass amount of racial abuse through the media and gen
  7. thanks for the reply.. My husband is also in the same position. He never has time to even change the lightbulbs let alone take a few hours to take me to hospital appointments or meet with my daughters school. It often boggles the mind how people working in the same profession can take so much time off. For instance, consultants able to do private work during their nhs work hours
  8. Forgive me for my ignorance. But I have noticed that everyone in england including professionals such as doctors always seem to have time off to do all the bits and bobs everyone expects. For instance it seems doctors(consultants) are always able to pick the kids up from school. And I see loads of dads after school who pick the kids up. Most with supposedly demanding careers. My landlord can come to the house with a 24 hour notice. And one of my husbands collegues can take days off at a time without preparing cover. I'm curious to know if this is acceptable in english culture to make excus
  9. Even people who come from pakistan in accountancy get paid about 60k in london. They can easily afford a 300k in east london if the kids go to state school.. even more if the wifey works for about 25k or more a year. So I don't think londoners are completely priced out. Never met more cheats in my life! as everyone has said.. when sentiment changes so will house prices. Even in areas where it is relatively easy to afford them.
  10. I think skint is spot on. The bulls who still believe property will only "correct" itself are the ones buying. The are usually people in finance and with higher salaries who may feel the pinch but still buy an adequate home for the family. They somehow believe that because they can easily afford a house then so can everyone else. Which is why at the peak you'll find more doctors, lawyers and business people buying at peak prices. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I think you should mention to the vendor on a passing visit.. that all the news is giving you cold feet and your scared to buy. Perhaps this can lead to a conversation in which they will lower the price by £5k or more. Also when I had my first baby .. i lived in an up and down 2 bed terrace and I absolutely hated it. My particular terrace had really steep stairs that I had to crawl up instead of walk up when I was 7 months and beyond. However I have seen bigger 2 beds then mine and they were just fine for a small family. So My advice would depend on the space provided. You may just find th
  12. ; Funny how people who remember the early 90's always have an antedotal to talk about.. So rents went up then and the market still went down! mmm I don't know.. this time around alot of companies have started in on the buy to let game and we do have alot less supply then the 90's. I am currently renting and finding it difficult to get a decent new rental cuz I have a lousy landlord.. The stuff on rightmove is usually all taken when I call the agents.. and most properties.. even the £1000 one across the road were taken in a few weeks. If its true about rents increasing then property
  13. While I don't disagree that with every boom and bust we have a 10 year period where people earn more money and pay more money for housing.. and therefore prices always go up in the relative term with inflation. Which is the nature of the banking business. Hence the reason that prices for a house 60 years ago were £4000 compared to £32000 in 1986. And while I agree that this fact will happen in london where their is a limit on how much housing can be built (or will be allowed planning permision) A glut of rental properties on the current market which are already too high for most london fam
  14. Yep and the same is going to happen to england. Although I don't think it will be as bad over here. America is already in a recession and their just trying to cleverly hide it from the masses before panic runs the country to the ground. As they mentioned on bloomberg, they plan on limiting the supply of future new builds. Taking over browns idea of inflating prices along with demand..
  15. Article for all euro fans! Alot of people have mentioned that the yen and swiss franc were good currencies to trade in. I think todays article from bloomberg is a real eye opener! Despite low interest rates they still cannot maintain their value. And the euro is over inflated too! The dollar gained 0.2 percent to $1.4839 per euro yesterday. ``People are selling the euro to get into other currencies,'' said Brian Taylor, chief currency trader at Manufacturers & Traders Trust in Buffalo, New York, which has $50 billion in assets. ``It's overvalued at this point.''
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