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  1. I was in London last week when I saw - though it was actually moving quite quickly for the rush hour - a fast response estate agent car ... anyone else seen it??? I saw it by the high courts. I can't even tell you which company it was, but I am sure it said fast response car - for enquiries and valuations. What's the rush? There will be no pick up for years...
  2. From the website... Should I Worry About... Spending? As a nation, we're £1 trillion in debt - that's £17,000 of debt for every man, woman and child. Where's it all going? It seems that we could literally be pouring money down the drain: a recent survey found that the average person wastes £1,725 in unused products each year. Here are some tips to help you spend less without compromising your lifestyle: In the supermarket Make a list. Avoid end-of-aisle supermarket danger zones - promotions may not be the bargains you think they are. Look around and compare prices within a product r
  3. I'm A Property TV Addict... Get Me Out Of Here! By Maynard Paton (TMFMayn) October 28, 2004 I am a property television addict -- for two reasons. First, I sold my house earlier this year and am now renting. Therefore, I have a rather obsessive (and many would say biased) interest in all things house prices. Second, there seems to be nothing else on the box. A quick check in this week's listings threw up the following property-related shows on the five terrestrial channels: A Place In The Sun Builders, Sweat And Tears Changing Rooms Escape To The Country Grand Designs Abroad House
  4. Could be a conspiracy to stop the good news about dropping prices coming out ...
  5. Browsing for housing Cutting out estate agents sounds appealing. Robert Nurden investigates buying on the net 27 October 2004 Guy Brown opted for the internet when looking for a three-bedroom house for his young family. Logging on to a centralised property portal from his office, he took virtual tours of 50 potential homes before coming up with a shortlist of five, and then plumping for one and arranging a visit. The sale went ahead without a hitch and within weeks his family had moved in. That was in Santa Barbara, in the United States, where online buying has reached such a level of sop
  6. Should I Worry About...? Thu 28 Oct, 19:00 - 19:30 30 mins Spending With our collective debt at over a trillion pounds, should we be worrying about our spending habits? Richard Hammond embarks on a series of experiments to establish what is going on when we shop, what tricks the retailers are pulling to keep us spending, and what we need to know to curb our addiction to our credit cards.
  7. In the areas I live in, Romsey, nothing in my estate seems to be moving - for at least 6 months. In Andover, I walked passed all the estate agents in one road. There must be at least 10 in that road - I did not see one person browsing the windows or inside and most of the estate agents were yawning their heads off. What a change from 6 months ago....
  8. I have to say that I thought about selling my house and then buying back in at a later date because I am sure there is only one way the market can go - down. There are two things that are stopping me from doing this. I do not want to deal with smarmy estate agents, who when we were selling my wife's flat could not appear to do anything right. Selling/buying houses has got to be the most stressful thing that I have had to deal with in my life - whatever you seem to do makes no difference and you are being controlled completely by the market and other people. The second thing is that I don't
  9. I am one of these guests who have been reading this for several weeks, but never wanted to sign up due to work rules. Now I have resigned, I can say what I want... I have been amazed by how prices have shot up in the last eight years. I started renting back then because I wanted flexability for my job. Getting a place to rent back then was hard. I remember getting a sheet of paper with about eight houses on it to choose from in Winchester and having to move quickly to get the house. It only cost the two of us £460 between us for a 3 bed house with garage and garden. 2 Years ago we were
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