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  1. I hope we have put in a bottom for somesort of confidence to return to everyday life. Fear has gripped average Jo and rightly so. It has many faults the US plan, but its better than no plan at all. 7850. then no doubt it will backfill some. Fingers crossed 6500 is not seen again.
  2. Dow S&P 500 Both on very high PE Ratios still. Lot more to come on the downside until we meet a bottom.
  3. Scary numbers listed. 12% is a figure not even considered by Govt I would expect.
  4. Gordon looking in vain for the next bubble to get the feel good factor back. Can you have a bubble in unemployment, or wouldn't this count?
  5. I have been out of work for 10 weeks. Very difficult to find someone who is actually increasing there numbers. Thank God for short SELLING.
  6. The Prime Minister said that it was a decade ago in his under pants, that he first called for an international early warning system to alert of a "Brown Out"
  7. Gordon as a history student did not study the seeds of the 1929 crash Debt and Banks going under after bubble burst. Its not different this time, just a alternative instrument as root cause of the problem. Banks lending to anyone to buy Stock. 1928 Banks lending to anyone to buy Property. 2003 Same result when assets go down. Depression. Fingers crossed we get away with it this time.
  8. 7930 is the support again today. Getting close to 7500 Looks like it wants to go back up but cant get traction.
  9. November Lows will be retested. A decent bounce then the indices will breakdown and its off again into Abyss. I cannot see any Fundamental or Technical analysis to go higher. Everytime its time to get in by these so called experts. Its really time to get out. Until I see the Golden cross 50 and 200MA then I am Bearish. I never want to be the first bull as those guys get burnt. Sell into every rally.
  10. Banks have no money to lend to prospective buyers of property unless you put down a hefty chunk. They are only being encouraged to loan to business customers. I believe that the right time to buy is when you see 95% mortgages being offered again across the board. Although this will not mean we have house price inflation.
  11. Gordon added extra stamp duty bands from the day he got in. No chance of him changing tack as he is a tax spend and waste Politician
  12. What a tragedy. We have contagion on our hands in the West. No support as any potential buyers know dam well they can wait for prices to fall further.
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