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  1. I don't disagree with the advice to rent on relocation but regardless of what this would leave you with as a net sum, my advice would be to take the £230k on offer and put whatever into somewhere like ING at 5% and this should hopefully give you a major part of the income for your rent. Swallow the £7k redemption penalty as this will be peanuts compared to what your current property will be worth by the time you've settled in and had a good look round your new area. As for I don't know how long you'll be prepared to wait for this scenario to happen but you'll certainly find that 6 mont
  2. Like it Confiteor!! I doubt that you'll get a reply, but please post it if you do.
  3. FTBvish - digest what's being said on this site, make regular visits and read as many of the back posts as you have time. The more you read the more you will be convinced not to buy right now - this forum has a load of bright cookies and the posts are mostly very informative. Get your brother and his wife involved as well - you sound like a nice family but I doubt that he's taking much of an interest in what's really going on out there at the moment (a bit like many of the EA's!) given that he's not thinking of buying or selling. You've already done some groundwork and judging by the tone of
  4. My advice? .................keep hold of the girlfriend Housey and don't let her out on her own. With her sort of luck you've got yourself a winner!
  5. Very true Pioneer - as per the 45% of idiots who still think prices are rising!! By the way where is The Monkey - I miss his postings.
  6. Applying some common sense to the Woolwich statement, the 45% implies that there are an awful lot of people out there who really don't care too much about the state of the market because they have no intention of either buying or selling. A more interesting statistic would be how many buyers genuinely believe prices are still on the up and how many sellers believe the same. If you apply the question to everyone who comes into this forum regularly and has some sort of vested interest, I reckon the %age would drop to around 2% or less.
  7. Are you being serious!! I'd want 2 for £450,000 and some change.
  8. Errrr.........sorry you bully boys but I forgot to add that the 45% expecting prices to rise is the lowest %age for 4 years!!
  9. 'Just 45%!!' That's an unbelievable %age who are still clinging to the belief that their property is still going up in value month on month, reflected no doubt by the silly prices still being churned out by the EA's. Just shows that the market still has a long way to fall when this lot wake up to reality.
  10. Laurejon, your posts always make sense and read like you know the score.......... it's a bit off topic but how do you see the global stock markets going over the next couple of years and what would you do with a pension pot invested in a variety of funds right now?
  11. You're right BBB - it is getting increasingly noticeable now that properties in my area of West Sussex which have been on the market for 6 months or more are standing out as ridiculously over-priced compared to new stuff coming on at more realistic levels. The message to EA's and sellers is to 'get real or there's no deal'
  12. Well that's all right then!!! ..................can anyone find better than this drivel:- Sitting proudly on the front page of the latest 52 page 'Property Weekly' freebie down here in sunny West Sussex was the following lead article headlined "Quick approach in busy market" " Estate agents are reporting a busy start to the autumn period amidst optimism that interest rates have levelled. Ian Ward, president of Worthing and District Estate Agents Association, said that business was brisk during the last week of September and first two weeks of October as buyers adopted a 'lets get on with it
  13. 1. Basic Salary: £100,000+ 2. Non-regular/other annual income (Bonuses, Commission,etc): £0 3. Income from Dividends: £0 4. Annual Rental Income (if landlord): £0 5. Income from other investments: £0 6. Capital currently in property: £0 7. Capital currently in shares: £10,000 8. Capital currently in commodities: £0 9. Capital currently in other investments: £25,000 (Land) 10. Cash in bank, savings, ISA, etc: £600,000 + £400,000 Pension Fund 11. Annual gross interest earned on savings (if significant, e.g. STR's): £20,000+ ....but I am an old git of 58 and have been in
  14. 1) Market view Bear 2) Market postion STR 3) Area of Country West Sussex 4) Occupation and Employer IT - Contractor 5) Highest Level of Education GCE A' Level 6) Age (or age group) 58
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