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  1. Ive had an idea, probably not new but new to me and id like some advice, im the only who rents a property, my mom and sis live up north with my moms mom but they wanna come back down here, but they cannnot afford the prices (southwest) my idea was to get a buy to let mortgage and rent the house to them, they make the payments back to me as rent thus im on teh property ladder!!! good idea? bad idea?
  2. my life is a bag of shite lol yes your right, it is called self immolation,
  3. thats exactly what i mean ,whats the point of worrying bout all this shite and giving a ******, its all crap, rich get richer, poorer get poorer, and i hope that your voice means nothing wasnt a stab at me cus il stab you lol
  4. i put house price instead of hpc, i left off the crash
  5. i simply give up, i cannot afford a house and never will, ive lost, crash will never happen cus everybodys got rich and are passing the money down to their kids to start off on the ladder, i never had that chance cus my parents were forced to sell for a ridiculously low price, the rest went on paying off his debts the dumb ass, saving for a deposit is pointless cus il still never be able to get a mortgage on such a shit wage and the deposits needed seem to go up with the rate of the house prices so its like trying to catch a train that is getting faster. everywhere i look all i see is over priced piles of bricks being built up in every square inch of land accessible to "property developers" and scummy average joes pretending to be landlords and thinking theyre high and mighty, the country has become a ******ing joke, im sick of it, if i have any more of it im just gona kill me self i think, so much easier than putting up with living in this day and age, nice piece of cheese wire wrapped around my throat then attach that to atall bridge, jump and my head comes off cleanly, leaving me free of any worries of this shite life of which we call 21st century britain. Im sick of saving, im gona go out and blow sum on a plasma screen, theres more to life than worrying about a quarter percent rise in interst rates, studying it like ur looking for a needle in a haystack, its ridiculous, the fact is those who cant afford to buy are pinning there hopes on a hpc, like itl mean theyve won the lottery or something, if prices start to fall people will still be buying them at the same rate, the days of makky d employees getting a mortgage are gone for good, theres a new breed of ass holes in this country, pretentious tossers. oh what a glorius day, i think a glass of milk and some cookies will be nice.
  6. give it time and all those outer islands will start to be filled with greedy rich bastards and landlords simply because theyve ran out of space in mainland, its inevitable but im glad you have a nice place by the sea, just enjoy it and continue appreciating it whilst you can cus u never know whats round the corner. regards
  7. ive given up caring about house prices nowadays, there just ridiculous, so out of touch from anyone on 13k salaries its enough to make you wana laugh in the complete insanity of this mess. to get the so called 200k hous eprice id need a mortgage 15x my salary!!! what a complete joke!!!
  8. im a soddin nationwide member, dya reckon il get anything?
  9. im renting a grade 2 listed cottage with 2 bedrooms, large bathroom and large garden in sherborne just meters from sherborne abbey for just 475pcm, ive been there 3 years and she hasnt budged the rent one bit, always paid the rent on time and so i think if your a good tenant youl have a nice landlord
  10. the only good thing about it is that if none of your imediate family own a home like mine i.e mother father and sister cus they lost the house in 2003 cus of dads debt ggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr we could all club together to get a house but at these prices id rather wipe my **** with a shitty stick.
  11. I keep reading about people wages on this site, most are like 20-40k, now is there anybody actually on this site who ISN'T a proffesional, i.e working for shit at tesco's full time as a shelf stacker? cus there are many peeps that do, only this site seems to be full of ""proffesionals"" and so everytime someone is talking about affording houses its not really the wage for sumone like me, about 12k, how pethetic is that! is there anyone else on this ridiculous low wage are increasingly frustrated with the so called """average wage of 20k+""
  12. wow i wish i had a 100k!!! ive only got 2k lol, mind u ive only started saving 3 months ago. good luck to you
  13. QUOTE : Surely that's full of chavs and immigrants too? dont forget the property developers!
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