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  1. What the hell are you talking about, you old, blind Kung Fu Master?
  2. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: Stone Cold can't believe that so may of you stupid SOBs have voted to bring that jackass back. Well Stone Cold is off to change into his fighting gear, then he will be back to call that SOB out. There's gonna be monkey brains splattered all over this forum. What?
  3. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: The Monkey is too much of a chicken to take up the challenge.
  4. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: Whatever people may think, Stone Cold and the Monkey are different people. Stone Cold was not a member when the Monkey was posting but he was a frequent guest visitor. Stone Cold would never wimp out like the Monkey did. Stone Cold bets that if he does call the Monkey out tommorrow, the yellow SOB won't even have the guts to show his face.
  5. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: All of the links posted by TTRTR have convinced Stone Cold that THERE WILL BE NO CRASH! The only people who think that there will be a crash are idiots who think that the Monkey is something special.
  6. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: Is this posting in the off-topic forum meant to scare me? http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...?showtopic=1795 What?
  7. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: Stone Cold doesn't give a rat's ass what you think. The only people worth listening to on this site are BBB and TTRTR.
  8. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: Stone Cold can't believe that so many of you miserable SOBs have voted for the Monkey to come back. But he now realises that he shouldn't have expected anything different from such a bunch of wasters. Stone Cold has come to realise that although he is a first-time buyer too, he is very different from all of you. Stone Cold has saved up a big deposit over time, like BBB advised him to do. He hasn't thrown all his money away on gambling, drink and drugs like people on this site. Stone Cold bets that most of you are probably too lazy to even have a job. Well Stone Co
  9. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: Listen you little mealy mouthed son of a b****. Shut your mouth about the Monkey or Stone Cold will shut it for you. Wherever Stone Cold goes, he hears the Monkey this, the Monkey that. Well the Monkey cr*p ! Housepricecrash.co.uk is Stone Cold's yard now. The Monkey is gone and nobody wants him back. To prove it why don't you have yourself a stupid little poll to see if people want the Monkey back. There is no way they will want a cowardly SOB like that back. There is no chance in hell. Stone Cold is so confident that he will say this: If people do vote to have
  10. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: Suicide is the end-point of a serious disease - clinical depression. People do not kill themselves because they are wimps, because they have no moral fibre, to get attention etc. They cannot snap themselves out of it. The disease distorts their thought-processes and all they can see is despair. Depression is one of the biggest killers of young men in this country. It is also a disease. Because mental illnesses are a disease of the mind and not the body, people do not view them as being serious. Often, they view them as material for comedy. I wonder whether people wo
  11. The Monkey Elbow was the move used by that stupid jackass the Monkey. Stone Cold doesn't want to hear it mentioned on this site again. Stone cold sees that he will have a lot more to think about next time he is in the bathroom.
  12. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: That's a concidence cos last time Stone Cold was in the bathroom, he was thinking of Kirsty's hairy muff too. What? Stone Cold's watch says that everybody should stop attacking Marketeer. He is doing a good job of making bulls look like idiots.
  13. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: He is sure that Marketeer is not the reincarnation of that sorry SOB who called himself the Monkey. I don't think that we will be seeing that jackass any time soon. Not til hell feezes over or this website gets something like 1000 members. If he does reappear, he can expect a Stone Cold Stunner. Im the big dog in this yard now.
  14. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: Stone Cold was out shopping in town today in a bad mood because of yesterday's inflation figures. He was passing a TV shop when he was stopped by a pro-hunt supporter asking for Stone Cold to sign his little petition. A few seconds later, Stone Cold was looking through the head-shaped hole in the TV shop's window when he saw them talking about interest rates on Channel 4 News. The headline to the story was that Mervyn King had warned that interest rates had not peaked. Channel 4's economics expert pointed out that King's comments had been supported today by the news th
  15. STONE COLD 5:55 SAYS: Thanks Bottom Feeder. Why would Stone Cold want to convert to Islam when he has his own holy text to quote from - the book of Stone Cold, Chapter 5, Verse 55. (5:55).
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