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  1. I'll no doubt get crucified for this, but here's what I'm doing: Good house on a great street in one of the best parts of an excellent area. 2002 Price. 2 x joint salaries. 25% down. £25k left in savings (still mostly in sterling, but about to change). Am I insane?
  2. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more surreal .... Skint First Time Buyers in North West Would Sell Organs for Deposit. People in the North West consider selling major organs and undergoing medical trials. WHAT: Interview to discuss the research findings and what they mean for people in the North West WHO: Andy Doylend, Executive Director, Circle Anglia Housing WHEN: Wednesday 16th September, all day CONTACT: Olly Kendall, 020 7824 1866, 07793 224 749, [email protected] Wannabe home-owners in the North West are going to extreme lengths such as gambling, postponing weddings, con
  3. Do these people exist in some sort of parallel universe? What is wrong with these people? We are a nation of plebs. Greedy buyers, classic cars? Cupid stunts.
  4. Just received this in my inbox ..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send Date:16-Jul-2008 14:53 PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Supermodel’s first home purchase supports Central London property market The Central London property market is in a league of its own, highlighted by house purchases by celebrities such as Lisa Snowden… The glamorous presenter of Britain’s Next Top Model recently bought a townhouse from Fraser & Co (www.fraser.uk.com), one of Central London’s lea
  5. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-117...=1&tr_t=buy This has been up for at least a year. Deceptive description as I would describe it as a flat - there is no back door / no rear windows - it's all at the front with neighbouring properties to the side & rear. Reduced by 10k and now up with 3 agents.
  6. Quick one if anyone can help me with this: Renting a house, been through 2 six-month AST's. In both I paid 6 months upfront to get a reduction in rent. The last of which ran out in April. I have an email conversation with letting agent (confirming they have spoken with Landlord) and in which they agree to reduce the rent by another 50pcm and sign me up for another 12 months on a pay monthly basis as requested. They sign off with 'I'll forward the lease and the standing order mandate ... blah blah blah'. The last email was sent to me on May 25th. I haven't heard anything since and owe two mon
  7. I work in broadcast media (radio). Not national, but not a small station by any measure. I have a moderate degree of influence over the news team, generally on a them asking me 'what's your opinion on ...' / direction basis. The Nationwide figures were not reported at all in any of the bulletins, which I questioned. It was in the next bulletin as 'Good news for first-time buyers, but bad news for homeowners blah blah blah', followed by a quote from an Estate Agent 'what we're seeing is a minor correction' ********. In most cases, it isn't VI journalists up to their eyeballs in BTL not wantin
  8. In response, I'm a STR'er. In 2003 my girlfriend and I (now wife) made the terribly naive decision of buying a new build flat on a new suburban estate. It was a mixed developement of flats/penthouses/townhouses/detached - and an excellent location in a very good area, unusually for these things. In hindsight, we could have pushed for a bigger mortgage and bought a townhouse instead of a flat. I was unaware that banks were literally giving money away to anybody who wanted it. I'm a bear by nature and was just working it on what we could very comfortably afford on a repayment. Two years ear
  9. 'We need a mobile workforce', 'we've got to make it easier', 'do something'. 'everyone's paralysed' Well you should have ******ing thought about that before you spent 10 years RAMPING UP PROPERTY PRICES TO UNSUSTAINABLE LEVELS. Now we're all supposed to feel sorry for estate agents? ****** OFF YOU THICK, VESTED INTEREST CLOWN.
  10. Well I'll admit my VI status as a Liverpool fan. So, well done, third time lucky and all that. You finished the job this time. And, for me, you're probably the lesser of the two evils as far as the final goes. As I said, just interested in your take on what I perceive as the gentrification of the game. Rightly or wrongly I just see Chelsea as the epitome of it all. Every football club plays its part of course. Anfield's full of clueless daytrippers - you know the sort - spunked £200 in the club shop on crap merchandise, covered in red, sat in silence, taking pictures, jester hats, waving at t
  11. Good stuff. Genuine question for you ... the club having to give plastic flags to every fan in a vain attempt to get some atmosphere going, poor gates for some of the group-stage games, the 'soccer am'-style 'ooh are ya' chanting - is it embarassing for you or not a worry at all? Was talking to my Dad about this last night and he remembers the Chelsea of the 1960's and so on ... remembers it as a very different type of club. A real club, if you like. All clubs have these new, clueless idiots following them. But there is an over-riding sense with the 'new' Chelsea fans that there's a lot more
  12. I paid a cheque in last week at my bank and was asked by the cashier if I'd 'considered taking out a mortgage'. When I responded with no chance, the woman looked at me like I was mad. 'Would you not like any further information Sir?' Er, no.
  13. Denial. Two people in work currently buying and complaining about their respective EA's. I said there'll be a few less EA's around very soon. Their response was ... 'I know, they're saying it might dip a bit in like London and that. But not round 'ere (PRESTON ), supply and demand you see. It might flatten a bit, but then go back up again. There's never a bad time to buy property.' Not even sure it's denial, just utterly clueless. Frightening.
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