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  1. 2.8% is not a large payrise. We're not all in it together though, that's lies, how would it be possible to make everybody suffer the exact same amount? A more apt slogan would be "everybody will get shat on, some more than others". <--- edit couple of more points. 1) I work in the private sector, our pay increase on average was 2.5%, this seems to be about average amongst my peers. 2) I'd say yes of course they're trying to inflate away debt, they don't want it to look like that but imo its the worlds worst secret, all that yeah don't worry about the 2% inflation target stuff.
  2. I think the aim of it was to control public spending, and rightly or wrongly rebalance public vs private sector wages in the eyes of those who don't believe in large govt. Whilst i'm sure the govt didn't want crazy private wage inflation, they don't give a hoot about a differential.
  3. It's got it's own section of the front page. http://us.cnn.com/ bloomberg put a story on the front page a couple of days ago about an 'anonymous' attack
  4. Thanks for the responses chaps. I'd no idea i could have walked away from it at that point, being quite pig headed i would have cut of my nose to spite my face. As it is, i think i shall try badgering the OFT, I'm just very narked about the whole principle of it, and the modus operandi of these people.
  5. Damn! Cheers for the reply I'd read a bit about it, and so was really just waiting for some real world experience, as a lot of the info out there is all theoretical, for example if there was no furniture i think i could have got away without paying anything, but as there was still a bed and a sofa, I'd have to pay. It's only fifteen pounds, so not so bad
  6. My argument is, at that point before signing the contract when i noticed this charge, if i'd have pulled the plug it would have cost me £850. I work for a mortgage lender and we have to make people aware of charges well in advance of them signing anything. What's to stop them from putting in a £1000 checking out fee and not telling people about it.
  7. There people seemed to act very differently to other letting agents, not only was a required to stump up £850 deposit before they did the credit checks (meaning i'd have lost that if i'd have failed), once i got to signing the contract, there in the small print was information about a checking out fee of £100. Nobody from the agency ever mentioned this to me in writing or verbally. Surely it's illegal not to mention this up front.
  8. Simple story, i moved between two rental properties and there was an overlap (in the contracts) of 10 days. Once i could move into my new place i slept there every night. Manchester city council want to charge me 10 days worth of council tax on the other property with a 50% empty discount even though i wasn't technically living there. Can they do that?
  9. Biggest fall over 3 days since 1983. Sure you can frame everything, but within that frame you can see how someone would come to that conclusion.
  10. and another thing they do which the beeb are guilty of is making a slowdown in the rate of growth, sound like an actual net loss.
  11. Interesting that it says it's an investment plan. Taken from alphavilles markets live transcript, which i was reading for obvious reasons.
  12. The government are looking at a 5bn stimulus now, surely housing would tackle so many problems, including youth unemployment and young people not being able to afford homes, makes far more sense to me than borrowing money to give people discounts on cars made abroad. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14985709
  13. Could well be in the top 10 DJIA points losses of all time http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_daily_changes_in_the_Dow_Jones_Industrial_Average
  14. Why Italy all of a sudden? can you feel something in your waters or is there something a bit more tangible behind this post?.
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