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  1. This is hilarious - sounds like he who hates BTL Landlords is actually impressed by a large portfolio.
  2. I recently had a tenant move out. Given the current state of the morket I am sure many of the bears would say "sell sell!, so I put the rent up, and immediately had 5 interested parties, the first to see has taken the house. So at the moment, base on my experiences, rental market remains healthy.
  3. Personally I am neither greedy nor rich. Of course a rented property must be habitable. However, it is not simply enough to say the extractor in a bathroom will prevent mould. I have an extractor in a bathroom and still if my tenants do not ventilate the bathroom properly mould will start to come. The extractor will take away some of the moist air but you will still get condensation when the hot moist air contacts the cold surfaces in the bathroom. When you are finished showering and turn off the fan there will still be wet surfaces. The bathroom must be ventilated to prevent mould forming. "is this the one sided world where the tennants always lose and the landlords become fat and rich?" certainly not. Many LL's are not fat and rich and do provide good quality accommodation for those who choose to rent for the many benefits. Who pays for the boiler when it breaks down? New carpets and furniture? Who pays for many things to maintain the quality and convenience of the tenants home? Yet the tenant can leave at a months notice and move on. There are a lot of risks envolved when letting a stranger live in your house, surely it is right that there should be the potential for longer term rewards?
  4. If you don't open the window - expect mould on the ceiling, what do you expect the LL to do - lick it off for you. This can be exactly the problem with tenants - not looking after the place, complaining, then moving on to allow mould to accumulate in the next bathroom. Unless you have a built in shower cubicle with extractor, you need to open the window and leave it open after using the shower for a good while so the bathroom can dry out.
  5. Keep paying mortgage for girl in return for sexual favors. (only joking of course) The girl needs to be realistic, either she stays and takes on the mortgage (you let her have your half - this kind of thing will always cost you money, I think you could actually get of lightly) or she moves out.
  6. Quite right. The electoral register is a separate thing which you should be on and can affect your credit score. You will receive a form every year addressed "To the Occupier" on which you must fill in the current occupants of a house. The issue of your LL keeping the bills in his name will have nothing to do with him maintaining his existing mortgage. If he chooses not to tell his lender his is renting out the flat, he will more than likely be in breech the terms of his mortgage, but that is his business really. I think it keeps things simpler with all the bills in his name. If you have a mobile phone - your bill on that would suffice as proof of address. In terms of your credit rating, you will find that it is affected by many factors. If you are concerned about your rating or just interested you can see your credit report and credit score for a small fee. Checkout Equifax / Experian websites. There is also a sample report to give you an idea of the sort of information they hold. In summary: Contact the council, email or write to them, and let them know your move in date and that you will be the sole occupier (because the LL will get a 25% discount). If you think the rental is fair and the flat is nice it's probably a good deal.
  7. He sounds like a really nasty piece of work that LL and I am please he has been held to task, but you can't tarnish them all with the same brush (I think of myself as a very decent LL) I would never put one of my tenants through that. I hardly think you can blame LL's buying property for the reason that some renters can't find an affordable home to buy, that's like people saying they claim benefits because there are no jobs for them as all the hard working people snap them up. Personally I think I would have moved out sooner rather than go through all that. I am glad you are happy with the outcome.
  8. There are some very scary price fall predictions. I hope I can continue to find good tenants for my BTL while the storm continues. If someone offered me what I paid for my BTL 3 years ago I would take it, but I am not confident a buyer is out there. It is also difficult to sell a BTL when occupied (which of course it needs to be to pay the mortgage) and in a declining market who knows how long it will sit there empty. I am sticking with it for the time being.
  9. I fail to see why her being overweight has anything to do with it. I think you sound very narrow minded if you would seriously vote against a political party for such an absurd reason.I am certainly no fan of labor but I think "pure evil" is going a bit far.
  10. Why have you got it in for your landlord? Is he a really nasty person? Do you suspect you will never see your deposit again or something? Is your accommodation the pits? Otherwise it seems to me that you are an extremely selfish person very much out for what they can get. I hope future Landlords see you for the sort of person you really are and do not offer you tenancy.
  11. I've just watched the clip. The chap who is renting the family home said the days of the "full time mum" are gone simply isn't true. Absolutely it is more difficult, but there are loads of Mums we know who don't work. Of course it depends on personal circumstances but many peoply have other debt on top of their mortgage they have to service which they took on because we live in a buy now pay later society where people think they need stuff they don't need at all. Big tv, new kitchen, expensive car etc. People do however need somewhere to live. People are obsessed with buying their familly home. If they rent, maybe they could afford for one parent to work. Renting is not a sacrifice.
  12. On the subject of stamp duty - why are there thresholds? It doesn't make logical sense to me. Surely it would be better to just keep the percentage the same. I saw the program and have to admit that house was hideous and seemed expensive, but I like Kirstie and Phil and have always enjoyed Location*3. I think they seem like nice people why are people intent on being so childish in their comments about them personaly, (whether they agree or disagree with their opinions or not).
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