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  1. The Land Registry have just released all their data from 1995 to today, so a bit more data importing to do! Here's my take on displaying the Land Registry data, drilldown to the postcode of interest to get to the maps. I've not had the chance to import everything from 1995 yet http://www.doogal.co.uk/PropertySales.php
  2. They do generate surprisingly different results, over £60,000. Have a look here http://www.doogal.co.uk/PropertySales.php where I've generated averages for the raw LR data. The full set of data going back to 1995 is meant to be coming out this month, which I'll put on that page, if my server doesn't melt down...
  3. If you take a simple mean of sold prices you get that kind of average price, so I guess that's what they've done. It's what I did here http://www.doogal.co.uk/PropertySales.php. I'm sure some interesting analysis could be applied to this data, and I'm open to suggestions. Shame the free version of the Land Registry data only goes back just over a year.
  4. fadeaway - agreed, only £30 is interest, but from my point of view it looks like I'm getting a £90 return. Having said that, I do keep some cash in a more liquid form for emergencies, just wish I could get a 10% return on it! sleepwello'nights - I think it depends on the length of mortgage remaining as to the reduction in monthly payments you'll get. Reduce the term to 13 years and you should see figures closer to mine.
  5. When I pay off £1000 on my 3% mortgage, my payments are reduced by £7.50 a month, which is £90 a year. Find me a low risk investment that will give me that kind of return.
  6. On the original topic, due to redundancy I've been looking for work since the beginning of the week and I'm actually surprised at how many agencies have contacted me. Seems to be quite a lot out there. Got one interview lined up and a few more are looking hopeful. This is for .NET development.
  7. Since using Spotify, I haven't bought a single CD. And who owns 30% of Spotify? The music industry. Oh the irony.
  8. My only debt is a £65K mortgage, pretty managable currently. Not overpaying since I'm building up my savings in case of redundancy.
  9. And the irony is that each click on an ad takes some money out these scumbag organisation's pockets and puts it in HPC's pocket (and Google's of course)
  10. I'm obviously being thick. Where does this figure of £1700 come from? It's not the monthly payments on a £200000 loan that's for sure, even on a real mortgage (not IO)
  11. Sorry but the difference in repayment between a £180000 and a £200000 loan is not £650, it's a couple of hundred at the most.
  12. Maybe a stupid question but can't you arrange an overdraft with them? I've got a £700 overdraft limit on my account which I never deliberately use but it does come in handy when I make a mistake with my finances. Better the small amount of interest payments than a huge huge whopping fee
  13. I bought a nice two bed flat in that area (no garden though) for £100K ten years ago... And I thought that was expensive...
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