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  1. is it possible to still make decent profits in a stable not rising market. a mate of mine is going in to this, cash buys quick turn around has contacts with tradesmen. only buying FTBs propertys these places are still selling fast.
  2. if im not mistaken ive heard she has never bought a place abroad herself. this programm was pure filth she may as well as said im a whore who sells time shares. next she will be in Africa selling mud huts what an investment u can make your own if u like, the next rising market after the north pole. beyond a joke, if it is that easy well i am speechless, the scotish widow who must have bumped her husband off to invest in outer mongolia 5000% in 2 minutes if u make a telly programme about it.
  3. dave14


    is this a buying chance ? will they recover ? it seems to me that when shares like this fall they do go back up.
  4. the voting so far sums it up, i dont know why you just admit it G.Brown no not him you lot are a bunch of brown shirts.
  5. one of the flats is now in an auction
  6. so you torys out there seem to think labour has caused this madness its the great uk public that buy and use the wealth that GB and tony gave them, no one twisted there arms. i went to a BTL exibition 10 years ago did not want to be another Rigsby, to much hassle well im now going mad if only. frankly thats what most paople on this site are thinking. the war aside they have given us the freedom to spend and earn, the 80s was a disaster, the torys created the boom then bust. its just now that labour have gone boom and boom again. are we to praise them if houses had not increased and that they had put unemployment up just so you could still have a cheap house im gutted as well but it is us to blame.
  7. every one on this site who owns a house or more, markets ther house for sale. the best or highest value and see what happens. how many people on this site own houses? just pretend your selling and see what happens. if enough people do this it will be very interesting to see if u get the asking price. also i dont know how many a mass pretend of im selling might effect the market?
  8. theres plenty of home inspectors looking for work, now that the HCR has been dropped it could be a good earner. people should if buying get this done it will be a lot cheaper than full suvey, as sellers are unlikly to pay.
  9. i think i pressed wrong button, the area is Whitefield 8 miles north cit centre, good location. some parts have million pound houses. flats that i mentioned had banner up last year from 189000, called the atrium. look in rightmove M45. terraces 5 years ago about 45k, now 120-130, but have noticed last 12 months harder to sell, local to me was 137 now reduced 117k. still not sold. next door to me 12 months to sell. btls have gone ithink and flats were more expensive than semis not anymore.
  10. in my local area i think its crashed, new flats last year £180000-200000 now on offer 120000, terrace about 10/15% down
  11. my spee;ling is shittte becas im a lasy SOab, good luck to yhe polles
  12. i think builders have had there own way for to long, if brit unemployed could be botherd to train no ones stoping them to be a plumber. also non skilled labour, were jusy lazy.
  13. new to site so may have been asked before, what is the true cost of a house now. if u went back say 40 years add inflation earnings ect, what is the correct value. dont include interest rates as a factor if u can. no logic to this i know. is it all down to sentiment like art?
  14. new poster here. i was wondering as it stands would u when hip pack comes in have the hcr report done as it not madatary. it seems to me that when BTLs start off loading they have got away with surveys, a lot more would have gone onto market now, there would have been a pile up.
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