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  1. Read my post, look at EPCs and see the improvements that can be made, the score to increase the ratings. https://www.epcregister.com/reportSearchAddressTerms.html?redirect=reportSearchAddressByPostcode
  2. Double glazing will not make much difference, a cond boiler helps, depends on how bad the old boiler is. No CH heating is the main thing that stops cheap improvements to pass , i.e loft insulation, cavity wall insulation . Solid wall insulation cost is the problem but if the home has modern CH + controls and 300mm loft insulation it should pass. All low energy lighting only adds about 2 points but that might put into E. IMO if old houses have up to date CH they should pass with loft insultion http://www.elmhurstenergy.co.uk/help-support/minimum-energy-efficiency-standards
  3. Cant find the EPC? anyone know the exact address.
  4. Does he read HPC, and what a difference he would have made as an alternative to Carney? The Lords hates BLT. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06wdcx9/hardtalk-17122015
  5. I will let you into a secret, all EPCs are registered as marketed sale not a marketed sale, rental private or social. This is hidden info, but is put into the data. the Gov know what properties are being rented.
  6. "Estate agents listing properties for rent or sale should be forced to list its floor space", They do, its called the EPC. One use of the EPC that may help. As long as they use an EPC provider that can measure a house. Certain areas of space are not included in the size measured, but the EA will help to explain how the EPC works out total floor area, LOL.
  7. I think this youtube video sums up how Landlords will take it up!!
  8. Why not look at the EPC, this should show total internal area of property, it will include area of garage, if heated. Boarded loft space, will not be included, unless it has a fixed staircase and is a habitable room. Area of conservatory will only be included if open to main house, i.e not separated by external doors. You can download any EPC if you know the post code from the EPC register.
  9. Link to a forum that may be of interest, http://www.homeinspectorforum.co.uk/viewto...f=2&t=14021
  10. From what i have read on this site, everyone is anti labour so whats the difference, you maybe want to have the Tories back so you can have a housing bust. How can anyone look at the people that attend Tory conference's without being sick, i am surprised they even get more votes than the BNP
  11. are you a qualified CS so don't talk about about the construction of houses. Like a lot of people on here is all my own opinion, but unless it is a fact why bother unless you know what you are talking about.
  12. That's the good thing about HIPs it will stop people testing the market, if they need to sell they will have to be more realistic
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