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  1. Good old Vine - taking his tax subsidised wedge with no care about the future. I don't think a public service broadcaster that exceeds market rates for presenters offers an independent position.
  2. Not really, she's not a murderer: Vitriol 2. Bitterly abusive feeling or expression. She is annoying, yes, but vitriol is a bit strong.
  3. That'll be the ebay shop changes kicking in then.
  4. No, gold reacts to supply, demand, and the willingness of people to buy into a yellow metal you can't live in or eat. Unless gold is a world currency, investment is purely speculative - much the same as property.
  5. The way he said it I could see he was thinking glass half full I was just thinking massive over-supply, and glass half empty
  6. The vitriol shown to Ms Beg here is quite astounding. None of us know her, apart from a blog on the BBC (which i would hope she gets paid handsomely for). I am in the camp that thinks she has been a silly moo, but really, she hasn't done us any harm has she? I mean she has her opinions and we have ours. I would suspect she seldoms visits google and types in her name, and if she does wonders why she started the online diary.
  7. I always post here wearing dark glasses and a wig - don't you ? I wouldn't say the site is littered with 'paranoid twerps' though. That's a bit harsh, surely most posters are a doomsayer ? –noun a person who predicts impending misfortune or disaster. http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=doomsayer
  8. Life in 1992 as i remember it was quite good, as was 1995. I don't think this was a bad time per se - maybe for highly leveraged property owners, but most were enjoying small mortgaes being eroded by inflation and were sitting on decent equity. Regardless of the time, if you over stretch yourself you'll get burnt - if not, enjoy the ride !
  9. Don't talk such rubbish, everyone knows that it's the large amount of fiat money profits the oil companies are making, that has no real value that is bringing the price down.
  10. Yup, houses are now a commodity that the market builds a magical premium into - but isn't that the case with many lifestyle / luxury products we buy? There is always a margin of profit that the market sets. Too high and prices fall, too low and prices rise. Unfortunately houses are no longer just homes, but homes and an investment, with the price set by market forces. The standard UK house is no longer equivalent to a pound of potatoes (cost plus tiny margin) but instead more akin to a Prada handbag (cost + big margin). That's 'progress' for you !
  11. That sounds perfectly logical. Working class house, in a working class neighbourhood. Just overpriced. Welcome to the working class !
  12. I was having a think this evening and my thoughts came onto house prices and society. This got me thinking about social classes historically. Traditionally the working class has been treated fairly badly. The middle classes have enjoyed, well, a middle class lifestyle. Upper classes have usually been the best off. I agree definitions over time and opinions on class do vary. Over the past decade or so it is agreed that the working class in the UK has shrunk, and the middle classes have increased. More credit (associated with middle / upper classes) means more cash at hand for the middle (working classes), but the beneficiaries are as usual the upper class (BTL'ers, financial institutions, Goverment). So are current house prices just putting the lower classes back where they traditionally are (lining others pockets) ? P.S. i'm not upper class !
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