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  1. May 2015. I'm feeling very positive about it. And the lack of cheesy insincere victory song with awkward body language with this change of government is somewhat reassuring.
  2. I'm just so ecstatic to see Brown go .... enjoying a bottle of bubbly, watching it all unfold. But the worst case scenario IMO is that we could see a lib/lab pact with Gordo back as Chancellor. *shudder* Am not sure who I want in Govt, but I am very sure who I don't want. I feel that much of the electorate are in the same boat.
  3. Noise pollution is horrible, so I think the 'No Kids' policy is very responsible for a 1-bed flat with wafer-thin walls. No matter how much I despise BTL parasites, I think that other renters or owner occupiers in the vicinity should be granted the basic human right of having a bit of peace and quiet, and being able to get a decent night's sleep.
  4. What area might that be? Somewhere up north or in Wales by any chance? Or perhaps their parents gave them a helping hand?
  5. Sounds like a lot of wishful thinking to me. But I do agree with you that technological advances in renewable energy could have a significant positive impact.
  6. If you'd been 18 at the time then perhaps your feelings might be different? New Labour have raped the young like no other British government before them. Globalisation is partly to blame for integenerational inequity but it's not the whole story. New Labour have destroyed meritocracy in this country.
  7. It's a Stalinist's dream. There's just no long-term vision or investment in health - most of our taxes pay for fire-fighting of largely preventable degenerative sickness caused by poor lifestyle and environment, and keeping very sick babies alive who will be a masssive drain on resources for the rest of their lives and degenerate the gene pool further if they reproduce. It's just not about health any more.
  8. The light from energy saving bulbs is too blue, and this causes insomnia. It's repulsive. I bought one of those over-priced mercury-infested pieces of shite a couple of years back and it blew within 4 months. I'm sticking with traditional bulbs for as long as I can - the quality of the light is excellent - much, much closer in tone to candlelight. I don't get any brown rings on my ceiling, just a bit of welcome heat during the 80% of the year that it's very welcome. Sometimes we need the humility to acknowledge that technology can as yet offer no improvement.
  9. Diesel should be banned because it's a major cause of asthma and other allergic respiratory diseases. It's not 'green' in the long run because its increased use in preference to cleaner petrol is causing a surge in the number of victims who will have to rely on using transport to get about because they're too ill to walk or cycle in heavily diesel-polluted air. Very short-sighted. And it's making our city centre roads very unpleasant places to be indeed.
  10. There are clear national guidelines and practices which dictate clinical practice - the NICE guidelines. Do you mean that there should be national guidelines on operational management, how to make more effective use of resources, etc? I think there's a real need for that. Managers spend most of their time bean-counting, because of the internal market that's been imposed.
  11. Driving still feels great value compared to most public transport. Paid above £30 to fill up for the first time ever last month, when the fuel guage was just into the red, which took me over 250 miles. Have a 1.0 fab little reliable car which is a joy to drive and costs on average about £800 per annum to run for tax, insurance, MOT, repairs, RAC cover, and negligable depreciation. Motoring has never been cheaper in real terms. Certainly nothing to moan about there.
  12. A degree from a polyversity is worth feck all once one graduates, just as it always has been. Yes it's a scam that people who aren't bright enough to earn a place at a proper university are suckered into taking on huge debts for a useless degree, when said useless degree was at least free or even subsidised in the past. But those useless degrees have always been useless.
  13. I'm not a fan of outsourcing, but I do think the products are rubbish, and I've heard (through the partner of someone in the personnel department at the Keynsham Factory) that many of the production line workers with many years of service were massively overpaid in terms of the skills and qualifications required to do the job relative to other British workers.
  14. It seems there'll always be some flush bug9er with money to splash.
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