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  1. You can tell what a genius he is by looking at the bathroom. If you want to bath with someone, you want one big bath, if you don't, you want two bathrooms. 2 baths in one bathroom is just surreal.
  2. +1 (trillion of hidden liabilities, probably)
  3. the Dutch solution to this dilemma - hedge your bets and grow tulips!
  4. Surely a housing boom is one where lots of houses are built/fall from sky. As distinct from a house price boom where there is no change in housing but a bubble in prices.
  5. Why do that when they can make us ultra competitive at £2=1 Euro or £4=1 Euro or, ultimately, £1000=1 Euro
  6. Also did they extrapolate what the wealth distribution and social structure of the country will look like if executive salaries continue to rise at 20% p.a and others at 2%?
  7. Do they mention how much an ordinary child born the same day as George will have to save each year to have enough pension in 2083?
  8. +1 The detail is amazing- the skulls, the almost Shell log,o the little band that is reminiscent of hydrocarbon structures...... Finally a product worth buying
  9. I can't generalise to everywhere and anywhere, but my grandfather inherited some properties ( which he rented out) from his mother around 1920, they consistently cost rather than made money for 40 years until 1960 when my (by then widowed) grandmother sold them for pretty much peanuts. As a result my mother always used to say that property was expensive to maintain and avoided it in favour of pretty much everything else. Obviously the picture changed post 1960 and the timing of the sales was bad (or rather, terrible!!), but the fact that for 40 years of the last century it was not the place to have your money is a warning to those who think that BTL is always a one way bet.
  10. or a Pole tax - there are surely enough of them in the country now to be able to afford 1.5b
  11. Surely the point the OP is making is that if someone on £100k is stuffed it is more evidence there is no hope for the vast majority of the younger population. I see it as a long term positive though. If he can't afford to trade up no one can- all those "£million + worth" properties in London - simply aren't.
  12. That is true, even without the elimination of its occupants. The UK is a rare case of a western economy where the commercial capital and seat of government is in one city. Should move it to Newcastle or Hull.
  13. Some are, some aren't. Some are mewing to pay for their final years and if they have no dependents, why not, you can't take it with you. In any case if it is all you have you'd be crazy not to even if you have dependents. But it isn't all MEW Some younger ones still have very elderly parents alive and have taken out mortgages in their 50s and will inherit enough to pay off ( parental care home fees aside) And some have mewed but only to put up capital for their children in 20s and 30s so they can buy -so just early transfer of wealth- actually good tax planning too. [ though I don't approve of such propping up of the first time buyer market ] Point is, overall statistics tell you very little as usual- shame government base all policy on the overall statistics....
  14. +1, I love it.... but that can only be appreciated looking at it from a distance. The one place you can't have a view of BPS is when you are in it! This is obviously speculation going on. The area has been hyped up via the media over the last few weeks/months and wealthy suckers think they will make even more money on buying an iconic building in an apparently up and coming area ( that they wouldn't have touched with a bargepole 2 months ago). Good luck to them, As long as I don't have to bail anyone out in 5 years I don't care........
  15. Looks like this house will be going down as far as the existing underground line- useful - but they forgot to pop a platform on the plans,
  16. It is a ( very rare) example of competitve economics/arbitrage working properly. One company does something ( in this case move to China) to gain an advantage, others see the same opportunity and do the same. The effect eliminates the advantage; as indeed it should. It is completely predictable but since most companies operate on short to medium term horizons rather than medium to long term ones they fail to foresee this. Try arguing the (complex) long term risks vs. the shoter term obvious gains with a CEO ... hard work I can tell you from experience.
  17. Had the same pop up when I opened the forum earlier today - but I ignored it and it hasn't recurred.
  18. It looks like it is worse than that- you never own the house at all. From the HFLP website- how it works: You get life tenancy ( or till you go to carehome) You pay for a 'Plan' with an upfront fee and get a share of proceeds depending on when it sold. But it looks to me like you NEVER legally own even a brick.
  19. That's "attention !" as in French I presume?
  20. He is right so far as people are also happy to assume that if there is no debt there are also no assets so: As far as your pension fund owns some of this debt - your pension is worthless and also so far as your pension fund owns companies that own some of this debt ( pretty much all the major US players), your pension is further reduced. Obviously since no-one ever needs to draw on their pension assets, there is no need for them to worry their pretty little heads about the debt. Well, I presume that is his undelying argument, isn't it?
  21. I think he place to be in 30s was arms production- just not a visible bubble So I'm going with Sossij's
  22. +1. It is not like they didn't know this would happen when they started QE. It is a simple equation; increase qualtity of money thus devalue currency thus costs of commodities (hard and soft) increase in longer term. Only reason the devaluation doesn't show so clearly is because US etc have done the same. Carry on like this an ultimately large groups of your population can't eat. And then ...riots...social breakdown... guillotines in the streets. It is hard to believe a western government in 21st century could deliberately and knowingly do this to their country... but the nature of those who choose to rise to positions of power and influence is that they are driven by the need for that power and influence so their short term greed will always win over the long term sercurity of the nation. It is the human condition. In fact -when you look at it in that light, QE or its equivalent, was as predictable as its consequences. Sadly.
  23. It certainly isn't in keeping with the houses either side, but from what I can see of them that can only be a good thing.
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