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  1. Paul/Sally, The problem with many UK owned properties in Spain is that to sell them on you need another Northern European to buy them - the Spanish are less likely to have the money to pay ex-pat prices or indeed the desire to live among Brits. We have created a market that needs fellow Brits to sustain it. Hence the problem with selling. I'm sorry I can't offer any more specific advice, not knowing the exact circumstances of the property. Cold in winter at nights? On the Costa Blanca you will certainly need heating.
  2. Allme, you flatter yourself if you think anyone with even a holiday knowledge of Spain took any of your posts with anything more than a pinch of salt. You are a fool and we all know it. Even sadder, you keep coming back to post on here. Nobody is interested in your foolish drivel.
  3. Adi Brown has it spot on - Spain consists of many housing markets. But it remains the case - and the ECB and Bank of Spain downwards acknowledges this - that prices THROUGHOUT Spain are above historical norms. Add to that thousands upon thousands of new builds (more than can be filled in fact) and we have a nationwide problem. Of course, Brits tend to focus on the Costas and the area that they live in or have a holiday home that they visit a few times a year.
  4. How do we know if we earn more than you - you don't say what you earn. Neither do you define "professional". Are we talking doctors or footballers? Even your seven year old car could be a Bentley for all we know!
  5. Remember most Brits return within six years of moving abroad - the grass isn't always greener.
  6. Talking of India, I was put through to an Indian call centre the other day please thankyou. The poor man I was talking too was obviously reading from a script and had even adopted an "English" name on behalf of his UK company. Unfortunately nobody had told him that Mary Jane was a woman's name.
  7. Also living on the Costa Blanca, there are two souurces of drinkable water - bottled from supermarkets (about 10p-15p a litre) or take your own bottles and fill up at your nearest spring (most villages have drinking water available like this). As for Allme, you really are a fool. Every new post from you underlines that fact. Maybe you should try reading your own drivel. How do I know? 16 years in Spanish real estate tells me.
  8. they will hold with a raise in November if "deemed" necessary
  9. The problem with programmes like this is that because the valuations say they will make £248k profit, that's it - job done. Why not keep the cameras rolling until they have sold all five properties? That would be more realistic. And if they end up making that £248k fantastic. My own experience of Spain is that the glut of property on the market means sales can take months even years. And there are far more people looking to buy wrecks to do up and sell on than there are queueing up to buy the overpriced finished product.
  10. A whopping 245k pre-tax profit! Wow! Estate agent fees, capital gains tax, (up to 30% for non-residents like those two!) plus UK income tax to pay on net profits, legal fees . . . Not so wow! Oh, and they have to find five greater fools . . . .
  11. Allme - you are a fool. Telling people never to pay more than 25% black money? Only a fool today would pay any black money in Spain today. Reason? Cash is no longer allowed to be used in transactions and the result is a paper trail of all money paid. And if you do pay black money it saves the seller tax not the buyer. But then when the hapless buyer comes to sell guess who has an even bigger tax bill? Because they won't get away with black money deals in the future. Parts of your posts made some sense, but by advising clients to break the law you show yourself to be just one of the many other crooks milking naive Brits for all they are worth. Spain is over investment wise. We all know that. Especially those of us who own property there and have done so for many years.
  12. scoobydoo - you make yourself look ridiculous by claiming to find fault in complex mathematics when you admit yourself you are no mathematician! You don't even say where the flaw lies. I wonder why It is posts like yours that allow hpc.co.uk to be openly ridiculed.
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