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  1. I like the metaphor! Just like a dog begging at its master´s table. Show your paw Gordon !
  2. Okay, maybe I should rephrase that as a nation with a common culture but taking bits and pieces from other cultures like Indian food or Italian fashion and American films. Immigrants have a lot to offer - but they must not refuse to integrate and must not keep inhuman, undemocratic practices such as those of radical Islam or Russian/Balkan gangsterism and African corruption.
  3. A lot of people on this thread are using the term racial purity. This is not the point. Race should not matter as we are all human beings It is cultural/societal differences rather than skin colour which cause tensions. Multiculturalism per say is not a problem - it is rather a stubborn refusal by some groups to adapt with the times and blend together. (Such as muslims refusing to let their daughters marry Western men). Hence in such situations society is no longer cohesive but rather devisive.
  4. The Scandinavian countries have the highest standard of living in the world. According to one study the Danes were also the most socially-cohesive and happy society. For an interesting view on tax and social equality, read the Novemebr issue of Scientific American: The Social Welfare State, beyond Ideology Let´s wait and see what the history books say about New Labour and the destruction of British society as we know it.
  5. So very true. Germany curently has a shortage of engineers. They cannot find enough, especially CAD specialists and designers. German manufacturing knows it has to permanently innovate and acheive ever-greater quality to compete against cheap Asian products. In many cases, products are designed and prototyped in Germany and then manufactured in Asia. In fact, thanks to restructuring measures and years of downward pressure on wages, Germany´s unemployment has now dropped to below 10% for the first time since 2002. As in France. the unemployed are mostly people who do not have the right skills (you could alleviate this problem by creating crappy service-industry MacJobs in the style of the UK, based on consumer debt and fudged figures with people on sickness benefit effectively off the figures - but this is only short term and utlimately leads to more pain, as the UK will soon experience once the debt-exploitation cycle dries up and leaves the mindless boozed-up chavs and equity-releasing, self-satisfied little Englanders up sh*t´s creek). The knowledge economy is good for the, UK but the concept is over-rated and misunderstood. It is mostly bread and circuses for the masses where somebody dreams up a new way of packing shoes (made in China) or getting the chavs to get sclerosis of the liver faster or marketing a new type of mortgage that enslaves all within its "pimp and prostitute" relation between the bank and holder. A true knowledge economy requires not only innovative people in the field of media or business studies (all buzz words in today´s Britain) - but also engineers, technicians, software developers and other specialists in the new technologies or growth areas such as microbiology and nanotechnology. Then perhaps, British manufacturing could be competitive and world-class and form a basis on which the service sector could thrive without having to rely on credit and shopping.
  6. Also living in Germany (I work via the Internet but mostly for German customers)
  7. Good to see you back. I thought Gordon Brown had invited you to a candle-lit dinner (haggis baked in polonium)
  8. I didn´t know you read this blog, Mr. Blair. Still, your spin does not convince me.
  9. Realist Bear has probably got sick of permanently citing material which never comes to fruition. Funny, I am a bear too but have given up on a UK house crash - so I don´t feel the desire to post anymore although I still read through the posts on a regular basis. I have bought a property in Germany on the assumption that the UK is now permanently beyond my grasp (that bloody annoying cliche that smug owners brand about "missed the boat"). In a way, I am a victory to the bulls on this site, having been banished into exile by my fellow Scot Gordon Brown. Having said that, I also believe the UK economy and society is heading in a very unpleasant direction under NuLabour - a mega-rich uberclass in their playground of debt-ridden, alcohol-benumbed serfs.
  10. Just like Rio de Janeiro or Johannesburg, or any developing country big city where the gap between rich and poor is immense.
  11. A windy belch of doner kebab washed down with Tesco´s strong-brew lager. You never know, he might like a bit of Dick (Cheney) as well ...
  12. Your average home owner does not seem to share the same views - they think the only way is up. So sentiment has not yet turned.
  13. Hey Duke, Just get one up on old Boss Hog by robbing his ill-gotten gains and speed away in that cool car of yours Any chance of introducing me to Daisy Duke? ...
  14. You always quote Germany in your arguments. The Netherlands had a health system in crisis which they successfully reformed and which is now highly thought of. Germany does not pay its doctors enough - too much money goes on administration, Still, at least they have not wasted 12 billion pounds or thereabouts on a new IT system which does not work.
  15. You sound like a politician. You should get a job writing the misleading, jingoistic propaganda of NuLabour spin.
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