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  1. "prices won't crash in my area" Don't people realise that many "wealthy middle-class sorts" will in fact be nothing of the sort during a housing crash/recession?
  2. Still as deluded now as when you bought the shares, obviously
  3. He probably bought a house, thats a guaranteed way to turn someone from Bear to Bull overnight and for them to lose their rationality
  4. What these BTL numpties don't realise is, when we talk of the value of the house dropping 40%, its actually dropping back to somewhere around its original value This is the reality that will stop people going crazy and buying houses like mad when the prices start to fall, no-one knows how long it will take for prices to get back to where they currently are When people buying HOMES outnumber the speculators, and people realise, once more, high prices are a bad thing, 350k for a flat will seem insane, and perhaps never achievable again (which they will of course in the next boom)
  5. There is a world of difference between wanting to be able to buy a house to live in, and parasites buying all the FTB properties because BTL has been designed to not be reliant on the mortgage "payers" ability to pay it off, and instead on tenants paying it
  6. Its this kind of misguided belief that will keep the BTL mongs smiling all the way to the bankruptcy courts You'd think if they were the awesome financial brains they think they are, they'd look at the overwhelming evidence to the contrary on the shortage of housing argument, and plan accordingly The only shortage has been in meeting the greed of the "investors", when the dust settles on this boom, people will be utterly shocked by the lack of a shortage of property in the UK
  7. I think we need to steer away from reliance on this whole economic meltdown bringing the end of the housing boom and BTL sector, its not going to come to everyone living on rice and water and trading apples, the fundamentals [© Bulls] of mortgage lending are collapsing, and people cannot buy the silly prices people are asking, so house prices are falling to match these new levels of borrowing In addition, people won't buy in a falling market (other than the grinning BTL morons on the other thread about 400 odd apartments) so prices will fall way past what people can afford What we should also be focusing on here, is how the OP is smirking at everyone who's priced out by taking advantage of a system that is designed to benefit everyone but FTBs. Its an utter disgrace that people can be taken advantage of in this way helping those already with houses to buy more whilst destroying their own quality of life The rental laws need to be changed, a huge transfer of wealth is occuring between those on the "ladder" hoping to pull up the drawbridge, and everyone else. Its unsustainable, but thankfully the financial stupidity of the OP in continuing to buy properties in this awful time for the housing market, will ensure a return to normality soon enough Anyone with property, and an ounce of sense, would shut up shop now and wait for the downturn
  8. Well done mate! Forcing FTBs into rental accomodation forever, you're a true hero! One small problem with your plan, house prices are falling
  9. Look at the tatty car on the drive, coupled with the decor, my guess is boomers taking a cheeky punt Or the Estate Agent is REALLY unsucessful
  10. Funniest thing I've read all month, do you have any other phrases from your cliche machine you'd like to share? Utter, utter desperation now creeping in amongst over-indebted homeowners
  11. Do they think the sold prices are going to be higher than the asking prices then? Surely the figures will actually be worse seeing as this is now a buyers market? Falls in asking prices in a falling market is likely to be quite tame compared to what these places are actually going to sell for
  12. Erm, I think James Caan probably has a great credit rating, at least his businesses will, and in his words, Banks don't want to lend to him, and next year the outlook is looking bleak wakeup
  13. I've shamelessly stolen this from somewhere else, but this says it all for me
  14. Personally, I despise this kind of behaviour because it directly affects me, and millions like me. I have no problem with enterprise in general, would actively encourage it, but not when it involves housing Not only does it drive up houss prices further out of the reach of people who want to live in them, and not speculate on them, but by increasing the number of utter twats people have to rent from, just when rental laws are at their most anti-tenant, with the abhorrent 6month ASTs and sword of damocles ******** "no kids!!! no smokers!!!! no pets!!!!"
  15. Wait......15m people receive "child benefits" ?? There's only 60m in the country for christs sake! Where do I queue up for my Child-free benefits, in return for all the traffic jams I'm not contributing to, the car parking spaces I'm not filling and the doctors surgeries that are free from my screaming off-spring?
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