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  1. Snagger


    it's delibrate, accuse the BBC of being right wing to make them even more left wing. It also gives the BBC a defense for being accused of being left wing. I honestly wouldnt be suprised to hear some BBC execs support this hashtag.
  2. Snagger

    PCP time bomb: why your next car could cost you dear

    yes, I bought a 2003 Corolla 5 years ago for commuting, since then it's had 2 new tyres and a battery, always sailed through the MOT. I got a quote from webuyanycar just for laughs, they offered £145, depreciation is not a factor now
  3. Snagger

    Unlawful count at Copeland byelection?

    Could the "soft coop" have deliberately sabotaged Labour's vote to add pressure on Corbyn?
  4. Snagger

    SJW meltdown

    I remember a decade or more ago, when NI was 10% the Lib Dems campaigned on putting it up 1% to pay for the NHS. NI is now 12%
  5. Snagger

    SJW meltdown

    The irony will be if they get a government bailout in 7 years, that would be against EU law.
  6. Snagger

    Paying bedroom tax yourself?

    People may care about the homeless, but sure as hell don't want them in their own home. My 8 year old is refreshingly honest, last time we went to town he remarked "I want to give the poor some money" <pause> "but not my money"
  7. Snagger

    Pound goes to new lows

    Trump intends to encourage US multinationals to repatriate profits in to the US, this should increase demand for USD even further, though multinationals may have already started converting to USD in anticipation, but then what will the multinationals do with all this cash when it's back in the US? some will be paid out in dividends, but I suspect a lot of activity in aquisitions, for example I can see the likes of pfizer buying up lots of mid sized US phama companies.
  8. Snagger

    Stamp Duty - Cuts coming?

    As would falling transactions. I can see them setting a cap at the high end, it dosn't really matter to me how much property costs when the elites are selling to each other, be it 5m or 10m the more they do it the more tax they pay.
  9. There's borrowed, and there's paid for by credit card and cleared in full next month. I've probably spent £1000 on credit card for Christmas this year, new bikes for both our kids and family tickets for a weekend stay at legoland in March took most of that. I use credit cards for the extra consumer protection and always clear the balance every month, but technically, it's borrowed money.
  10. Snagger

    The Bubble Investors

    That's a shame on the get rich quick scheme, but it's his hobby rather than a business, he's reliving his youth as he bought a brand new bonnie in 63. He doesn't ride his restored one, it's for show only, though it does run and has a valid MOT.
  11. Snagger

    The Bubble Investors

    My Father in-law is in to restoring 1960s Triumphs, so he might be in for a late life bonanza? Should i make an offer on his latest project, 1963 Triumph Bonneville, now in showroom condition in his dining room, or perhaps fund his next project?
  12. Snagger

    SJW meltdown

    Apologies, let me correct that .. No ******ing Culture allowed or I'll kill the kittens.
  13. Snagger

    SJW meltdown

    So basically, Culture will not be tolerated on campus.
  14. Snagger

    SJW meltdown

    Put yourself in their shoes for a moment, if you wholeheartedly believe these "end of world" consequences, it must be absolutely terrifying for them. Which is why I view these useful idiots as victims, and the liberal media and self appointed experts need to recognize that their constant scaremongering is doing serious damage to weak minded individuals. Class action lawsuit against the media perhaps?
  15. Snagger

    SJW meltdown

    SJW's need our sympathy, they are victims of our education systems and media outlets. With our support, most can survive and perhaps even go on to live a happy, mostly guilt free life. Perhaps we should have a whip round and start a support group for them? But let's enjoy a little more schadenfreude first :-)

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