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  1. and one of those cute cuddly fluffy toys they hang from the partition/divider next to the picture of their dog and the sign saying 'remember you are the front line for the company' thingy.
  2. Exactly, a caotic strike and 3 day week were the unions leaders equivalent of appearing on Big Brother.
  3. Didn't Atari release the 2600 around 77, just look how quickly we bounced back, 3 years later and the 'old woody' was flying off the shelves. Unions ruled then, they don't now.
  4. Its a disaster zone. The toilet just needs a bit of limescale for full effect.
  5. . Its an unemployment tsunami. Wheres 'fries with that' brigade.
  6. Give it a year, ya BF will FO with someone else, you'll kick him out, thats another BTL flat occupied.
  7. I come from notts and it is not in freefall. No way. If thats what your saying. It hasn't gone anywhere since 2004 highs and the Land Reg data is a good indicator of prices. and let me tell you tell you in £500K house bracket, not a sausage, went to look a one house and i'm sorry but only three feet of cueing availability in the snooker room? and has no one ever heard about radiator covers? and exactly WTF is the point in a utility room 14 feet by 20 feet, hows the philipino housekeeper going to sleep in anything less than 20 x 30 feet what with the dishwasher and ironing board etc.
  8. More indcators knocking about on here than at Toyota. and a tad few to many inconsistencies aswell.
  9. Not Look 30 years ago, prices WILL fall to this level.
  10. Try this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-661...=1&tr_t=buy I think it may have been reduced .
  11. Its a bear, 'look I need to prove to the forum I can invest following the god damn dreadful house investment debacle of the last 4 years'. No one mentions the DOW anymore. Golds the order of day. This will stay on the MAIN DISCUSSION FORUM ON HOUSE PRICES until the twelth of never. Its the bears way of sidetracking everyone who reads their house price cobblers.
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