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  1. I have sent you the information that you have asked for.
  2. We wanted to let you know about our exciting new residential deal in Ras Al - Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, launching today. There will of course be a full brochure and information . summarized: 5% under list price (With such strong demand for such a premium location it is fantastic to get a discount). Two year rental guarantee of 7.5 % p.a. net. 100% freehold. Prices start at US$165,057. Financing option available. All Apartments with sea views. Tax free environment. Island location. Only 10% required to secure an apartment. Discounted car parking. If You are interested
  3. Sorry Soup The agent is the same but the developers are differant. The developer is a frech company that are doing a further 6 projects in morocco called Gardens of Fadela. When you look at it , it has all the hallmarks the french leaseback schemes that have been so popular in France
  4. ok thats enough mud slinging. i am not a liar. Lewis my response although adressed to you was not directed to you, more directed to the people that are trying to say i am a conartist. Soup dragon. Yes i am promoting Fes for the company i purchased my Morocco apartment from and it is becouse i like the company and the way they structure there deals with regards to safty of purchase for there clients. Magnate, why such a downer on morocco.I was under the immpession you have already purchased in Marrakesh on the same deal as myself? and George sore ass , i cannot be bothered to reply to som
  5. Lewis i take you point but what about Dubai. They definatly have this attitude and not just to kafurs(non muslims) but towards everyone that is not from there country, this has not stopped millions of people investing and making money.
  6. I am sorry but i have really taken offence to this post. How dare you suggest that most morrocons are terrorists. Your name George sore ass says a lot about you
  7. oh great at least this man has a toilet to live in , here in england in our affluant and oh so civilized society we still have hundreds of thousands of people living on the streets. And also i dont know where you get off insulting a whole nation. My advice to youi is go away do your research on morocco , have a look at what the goverment are trying to achieve, or are you of the attidude that how dare a 3rd world country try and improve there country and increase the prospects of employment. Maybe you think that good prospects and wealth should only go to us english that deserve it becouse
  8. Lewis I am a mother of 2 and have been a B2B sales in the uk for a long time. I am not Greedy. I started lokking at investment opourtinities about a year ago. I was originally going to buy in Saidia and got involved in these Forums. When i decided that 120k was to much to pay for a 2 bed apartment in the middle of nowhere and i posted my decision on the forum i got slated for being a negative person. I then found a wonderfull deal in marrakesh and becouse i had done a lot of research in what was available i realised it was a good deal and went for it.the company in the uk that i purchased f
  9. believe me if Axa insurance are righting the paper it wiil be worth a bit. Can any one else tell me of a project that is being garanteed by such a well known Insurance company in morroco. They are the ones that are giving the rental garantee so even if the managment company balls it up axa will still pay what they have promised. oh and by the way there is notrhing desperate about what i do ,if i was desperate i would be trying to sell in spain where i have people offering me 20k to sell one of there properties. I have morals and want to earn a living doing somthing i am passionate about.You re
  10. Hi magnate i was hoping you would tell me why you feel that this is such a bad deal.The buy back is only there for piece of mind and is not compulsary.I have yet to see a deal in morroco that offers a 9 year gauranteed Rental. The Rental goes up 2% of the annual rental per year.This is a 2 bed house not an aprartment and has its own Garden and infinity pool.it is being built high on the hillside of Zalaga 10 minutes fron the fes madina, the views will never be affacted becose of the elavated position .I doubt very much that planning will be granted for further projects in this postion as the
  11. Hello I have a new deal that is fantastic. 2 Bed villa with garden and infinity pool.Fully Furnished Great onsight facilities inlcluding on site Medical facilities free of charge to guests. approx £100,000. 9 year 7 % rental garantee. Also a garanteed buy back in the 9 years should you feel that it is not for you. Insurance company that is backing the 2 garantees is AXA Insurance, Very reputable French Developer 30% Deposit and 70% Mortgage. If you are interested please pm me or email [email protected] or call me on 07764 300 185
  12. Hi dogbox i to love the beach. and i think for an allround holiday in morroco a few days in marrakesh and a few days on a beach would be ideal so i suggest i swap a few days in marrakesh for a few days in your place in saidia, i realise that i pulled out of saidia as an investment however i cannot wait for it to be built as it is going to be a wonderfull place tp holiday.
  13. i Purchased on a project that is just about to start construction called Olive Grove. It is not on general release yet as the developer originally sold 20 units at pre planning stage. i had to pay upfront the full cost of the apartment and yes it was a little risky but i knew what the risks would be before i entered in to it and lucky for me it will pay off .Planning has been approved and construction should start very soon.There are more and more projects being released at presant in marrakesh, i think it was the insight morroco website i was looking at the other day and they had 6 differan
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