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  1. Well it depends what you deem to be excellent in my view. Basically you are 'punting' the currency markets by taking out a product like this. YES they are professionals, but believe me when I say that professionals get it wrong regularly. I work within the markets division of an investment bank, and there are as many views on which way currency pairings are going to move as there are people working there. If you are happy with taking the risk that you could be forced to convert back to sterling with a larger mortgage than you started with then by all means look into it, but do realise that all
  2. Hi Popcorn, I have tried to PM you but no luck. I would be very interested in seeing who has RT-7 for sale. Are these resales (i.e. a purchaser looking to flip off plan contract) or as I suspect just appartments coming back on to the market due to a prospective buyer dropping out? Would appreciate if you could post. Cheers
  3. Dogbox/Sean thanks for your replies. I can see both sides of the argument, and it is informative to have both someone who has bought and someone who decided to pull out. I understand that it is unlikely that the resort experiences much capital growth until built and established, but if I look back to the reasons why I purchased, one of the reasons I believed it to be a good investment at the time was because there was the opportunity for rapid capital growth due to early entry. Therefore (as I am sure most buyers will admit) I bought with the view that should this occur I would reasses a year
  4. Hi guys, haven't posted in a long time but think that this is a very interesting and important post. I am afraid I have to disagree with you here Dogbox (despite having invested in LJDF myself) - the guarenteed rental scheme was always going to be made available (although the restrictions to the scheme were never made clear from the outset), and I fail to see how restricting use could ever increase the attractiveness to any investor. I like to keep my options open, and the fewer restrictions the better as far as I am concerned as this gives you numerous exit opportunities. Buying offplan I bel
  5. As a purchaser in Saidia myself I wondered if you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on some of the calculations SoupDragon has done on the new releases by NEO. It is obviously not a great result for us who have already purchased, and don't think that it has received the discussion that it deserves. It worries me what they will release next and wonder whether that is why developers have recently reduced prices to get stock off their books before being undercut? I would invite as many responses as poss...Dogbox et al.. thoughts??
  6. Am I right in assuming that deposits would therefore have been refunded??... there seems to be a lack of detail on that. For all of you who have reserved on RT-7 I have been told that planning has been agreed verbally, and that full written acceptance of the detailed application is imminent. Watch this space I guess...
  7. Hi Sean, good to hear everyone's views on this. Was wondering if you could shed more light on which development you were going to flip on. Also if you have subsequently pulled out have you not lost a deposit? Any info as always much appreciated.
  8. For christ sake lets not go round in circles again. Just seen this on the web - not good news for those investing. Ryanair has been forced to postpone indefinitely plans to launch flights from Marseille and Frankfurt to Morocco. The airline has been hit with problems over the signing of a European Union open skies policy that would have enabled flights to operate to Fez, Marrakech and Oujda in Morocco. A month ago Ryanair had said it would be forced to delay the launch of the new routes until the beginning of December, but this deadline has been scrapped and it is no longer possible to bo
  9. "you guys should go and set up your own site to discuss that kind of information" Or alternatively, we (plural) continue as we were and you (singular) go elsewhere....
  10. Almost as funny as people ploughing money into countries such as Romania My apologies I'll try and keep my views to myself. I hadnt realised I'd joined a Saidia Information Website. Please continue as normal with your collective back slapping I dont really understand your point. You are on a thread dedicated to Morocco, and the discussion has concentrated on Saidia - no surprise there seeing as it is the first of the King's Resort releases. Yes this is Housepricecrash but who cares, I intend to research my purchase on any website which makes mention of it. Once other resorts are rele
  11. The initial fraud was on the Spanish market where lots of stupid brits bought overpriced houses. Many of them paid huge prices and then their houses are now almost demolished. What real estate agencies did was just to export the fraud to Morocco and used some propaganda for inviting people to invest. If they could, they would export the fraud from Spain to Tunisia, Algeria or wherever they can make some quick buck. Why all the bitterness/anger/conspiracy theories. We discuss Saidia and Morocco as an exciting investment because that is exactly what it is. Noone truly knows what the outcome
  12. Dogbox, Great work with the photos, agree with the Fadesa builds. Homes and Properties overseas apparently alsohas mock up floor plans of the LJDF appartments/Villas and is based near London Bridge - I work close by so will check them out today and post anything worthwhile Misled I am afraid guys - nothing extra to see. Sorry!
  13. I'm glad I didnt go for a Fadesa built villa, look a bit on top of one another http://www.homesandpropertyoverseas.com/in...etail&id=69 Dogbox, Great work with the photos, agree with the Fadesa builds. Homes and Properties overseas apparently alsohas mock up floor plans of the LJDF appartments/Villas and is based near London Bridge - I work close by so will check them out today and post anything worthwhile
  14. Oh the joys of sarcasm...lost on some people obviously
  15. Dogbox, that sounds excellent - do you know if that means shuttle bus or internal tram type system?
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