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  1. I truly despair. Beeb just announced the new SEASON of This Week. Does anyone have a vomit smiley?
  2. Ah, someone mentions immigration and the BNP card is played.
  3. I was going to advise you take a trip to the website of Bradford's finest rag, the Telegraph & Argus, and read the "Your Say" section, but the threads have been removed. You will also notice that there is no mention of the above story either. In short, the Police and council are Sh*t scared of Riot #3.
  4. Hope non of you suggesting HPC supports it are those that regularly tell us how you block ads with adblock in Firefox etc. xxx
  5. Anyone else not going to spend their lotto winnings on a sodding Yacht?
  6. It works both ways regarding getting the heavies in.
  7. I agree with Sibley. The Landlord might be a naive idiot, but that doesn't make it right for the tenant to live their for free. As much as I generally despise landlords, they should have stronger rights in being able evict those that clearly have no intention of paying rent.
  8. I'm surprised they thought he'd be able to answer the phone. CU**S!
  9. Surely in order to curb HPI, they just need stop allowing the chief HPI architects from entering their country? The British (and Irish).
  10. Best of luck. Just hope this wakes up a few on this forum to the news that a lot of private sector work is reliant on the public sector. In other words, this country is in an even bigger mess than a lot think.
  11. So to summarise, your pished off that the public sector tap is being turned off?
  12. There's nothing wrong with Essex. It is immune to a HPC. I keep getting told so by folk called Jo or Joe, on www.thisismoney.co.uk
  13. Yet the kunts still have the cheek to raise fuel duty on Tuesday.
  14. But that is what a lot on here want. All public sector workers are morons that can't cut it in the real world apparently.
  15. But just think about that humongous sum of a gold plated pension they will get! They wi have the last laugh.
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