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  1. I got the Cornishman newspaper today and sure enough there was a stark increase in asking price reductions on some properties. One property in Mousehole, which has been on the market for at least 18 months, started marketing at £230k and is in the paper today with a price tag of £199k! This particular property may have a flying freehold on it as the next door property's window extends over this ones hall. Another one in Penzance which has previously been on at £250k approx is now reduced to £215k. There are at least 5 or 6 more this week with many actively promoted as reduced in price. This ma
  2. I must admit I don't think there will be a huge crash. I think what may indeed happen will be that it starts to take longer to sell a house and that sellers who do have large equity will possibly drop their prices according to how quickly they want to sell. It does seem to still possible to obtain asking price if one is prepared to wait. And it does tend to be the houses which are very developed that ask the unrealistic prices. Those houses that are in a good location or are special in some way often achieve more than asking price and tend to be snapped up. These properties certainly won't be
  3. There are definitely people who do come to Cornwall without getting their kids into a school first! I have met several. There are also people who buy mobile homes as a foot in Cornwall and then find they are homeless part of the year due to the holiday park lease restrictions. Unfortunately the County Council won't keep village schools open on the basis that families would move in, increasing the numbers again. They are set on amalgamations and many village schools will probably close. I agree RCH is a reasonable hospital and I personally have no problem with where it is situated but if they c
  4. I am a newbie but have watched the housing market with interest for a bout 6 years now. I am extremely worried about Cornwall. It is evident that, whilst estate agents are overvaluing, houses are not shifting fast. The only properties I know are shifting are realistically priced ones. I have seen some properties on the market for 2 years plus. My main concern is the 'con' which is potentially going to affect those of us who already live here even more and also those planning on relocating or retiring here. I call it a 'con' because Cornwall is actively being marketed as a dream retirement an
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