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  1. I've lived in southern Germany for the last 10 years where they still have strict Sunday trading laws. When I first moved here I've got to admit that I missed the ability to go out and shop on a Sunday (and also Bank Holidays), but now I've gotten used to planning ahead. There are occasions when you run out of some basic groceries which can be annoying, but on the whole people here tend to take the opportunity to spend more family time together, go for walks, unwind, etc. Having experienced both sides of the argument I think I prefer the German way.
  2. After 7 years of living in Germany (near Munich) we're taking the plunge and having a house built. I can confirm that the Munich area is effing expensive (we paid 765€/m2) but we are settled here and know that we'll be getting a good quality, well insulated house for our cash unlike some of the new build houses I see when we occasionally visit the UK, The whole process of buying is quite expensive though and a lot of red tape to get through which can be tough if your German isn't fluent.
  3. I thought that they had a rug-ged business model........
  4. Hmmmm First the BBC headline was "UK house prices slide 3.6% in September, Halifax says" Then: "UK house prices plunge 3.6% in September, Halifax says" Now its a rather modest: "UK house prices fell 3.6% in September, Halifax says"
  5. BBC have now changed the headline from "UK house prices slide 3.6% in September, Halifax says" to "UK house prices plunge 3.6% in September, Halifax says Oh dear...........
  6. Left to move to Germany for my wife's short term contract 5 years ago. Sold up in the 2 years ago after realising that things were looking like they were rapidly going downhill in the UK. The wife accepted a permanent contract and is now expecting our first child and I have to be honest that I would rather bring a child into the world in Germany than the UK I am always keeping an eye on what's happening back home but I cannot foresee moving back in the next 2-4 years due to the UK going through very bad times. We may never come back but we'll have to wait and see if things ever improve.
  7. Hey! It's all going to be ok (according to the Express!)
  8. I didn't notice that! Thanks for pointing it out. Anyone got any guesses for how big the falls are going to be? (I would set up a poll but haven't the time!)
  9. According to the Forex Factory , the Halifax HPI figures were due out at 4am this morning. Has anyone seen these yet? Link: http://www.hbosplc.com/economy/includes/09...ptember2008.pdf
  10. I don't know if this has been mentioned before but Channel 4's "Dispatches" next Monday is investigating "How the Banks never lose" (See here) Edited to include time
  11. During the programme I noticed a street sign for St Albans Place and if you check on Ourproperty.co.uk (Postcode N1 0NU) the only sale in the last 8 years was in July 2007 and it went for £410,000. If this is the place then it's a bit of a loss for them. What a shame!
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