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  1. Seems like you can leave your comments directly here at the 'yourfreedom' website to help(?)/make sure the boys in Blue and Yellow hear about it: Housing corruption and abuse Oh, and while your there have a look at this one (could be a whole new thread on its own as slightly off topic but sure you will all appreciate and action appropriately!) Empty property tax
  2. Wise words about finding a 'quality' solicitor - stick to what and who you know. It is usually the small family run businesses that still rely on customer care/satisifaction that provide the best service in my experience. We aborted on one purchase due to a horrendous issue they found buried in a covenant and more recently on another picked up 3 serious issues that the vendors should have found/sorted when they purchased and subsequently had to pay to sort out before proceeding. So paying a bit extra has saved us £1000s in the long run not to mention piece of mind and a good relationship that can be called upon at any time for informal advice about any other legal issues too.
  3. Is this 13+bn factored into the defecit reduction by 2015? if it is then talk about false accounting....though I'm sure a suitable excuse can be found by then if it fails to materialise. 22.6% and 17% explosion in house sales??? - is there a new 'House Scrappage Scheme' to be announced or something?
  4. Wanted to hold out until the Autumn/possibly longer, however circumstances have forced my hand and hopefully going to exchange in the next few weeks after renting for over 13 years. I also have two teenagers who will, in all probability, be at home for quite a while too and have tried to factor that in to the location and their education/future jobs. Have had to put down 25%, however I will still hold 60%+ of the remaining amount back in cash in an offset mortgage to hedge against any rise in interest rates and to peg back the repayment costs - so hopefully a win/win situation and can remain fluid without everything tied up in a property. I fully expect at least a 10% drop over the next year, and think it will be 3-5 years before this mess gets sorted/rebalances itself with a long drawn out stagnation. I also hope that it remains where FTBs and investors need large deposits to secure property deals to kill the 'want it now/greed' that has blighted/raped this country - could be swimming against the tide there though! So there you go, I'm looking forward to to our 'home' that I hope to enjoy for a good number of years and not too bothered about the short term.
  5. Bank and BS write offs - BOE data to end of September - check out the surge in credit card and personal loan write offs since the summer!!!!! Mortgage write off still level though.
  6. Difficult as no 2 properties are similar on the road and nothing on the register apart from a v-small (1 bed?) semi dorma-bungalow with no land that went for about 81k a few plots down earlier in the year. New builds in the area i.e 3 storey town houses were going at about 175k+ at peak, the one I've put an offer on is an older 3 bed detached property with alot of land and garage that needs some internal work.
  7. Looking at the other end of the market I have just put in an offer under the stamp duty level saying I didn't have enough deposit if the sale went into next year and stamp duty came back into play. Other offers on the table but were in chains/unable to sort out the finance so have accepted mine. Was originally on for 160k so it must be having an effect on sellers too? (before you all start and I get shot down I was hoping to hold out a bit longer before buying but the location/property etc fits our needs so I thought I'd try my luck and haven't exchanged yet)
  8. As the nursing degrees/diplomas are currently 'free' to the student and they have made this statement in the article: "A Department of Health spokesman said that the costs of a nursing degree would be no greater than the current diploma" Will they have to take a loan???
  9. Just to add my view which I think is relevant as my wife is a 2nd year nursing student, and has currently entered via the degree route. Her first year included 3x7 week placements on wards and they are expected to do everything they have been taught including cleaning up patients, catheters, injections - as I said....everything - and that was her first year! including being attacked at one placement (though they are given self defence classes) It is also a 'full time' course - i.e. all year and they are expected to work shifts and over Christmas/holidays also if their placement falls over that period. As to the Dimploma route (that is to be phased out) the modules are exactly the same as the degree route except that the Degree students undertake 2 additional modules a year and do not have a 'day off' during their placement (currently Diploma students work 35hrs/week on placement - usually over 4 days, degree students have to attend lectures on their 'day off') So perhaps there is an outdated/uninformed public out there that does not fully appreciate the current training. :angry: As to costs the Degree/training is currently free as I suppose if you look at it from the perspective above it is 'on the job training' provided by your prospective employer and they are getting help on the wards over the whole year. She has managed to get a £3000 bursary to cover costs also (no travelling expenses to placements unless further than the place of learning i.e. the university) The Diploma route does attract £6000 pounds and I think that is what attracts students in though many have dropped out in the second year - poor return/wastage there. Rant over.....
  10. Perhaps this has something to do with it? - looks pretty risky to me - but what would I know - I'll leave it to the 'experts' to make the call
  11. Source: BOE data Now I wonder why they are reluctant to lend any more?? New figures out the end of this month and I wonder which way they will be going? Never mind, we can always print some more
  12. +1 Effects/fallout of the last 12 months turmoil is going to finally break the dam. We've not seen the prolonged true impact yet.
  13. Quick, phone up a motoring 'expert' who'll back up your claim and then get in touch with the BBC - they'll put a headline piece on the news for you.
  14. +1 The tide is turning, sheeple are angry that their 'investment' is going down in price. Shame, when it was their 'home' they didn't complain about it being possibly worth too much. Also the recent news of increases in a subdued market have made them angry as they want the price increase too - but on low value stock (e.g. ex-council houses and flats) this isn't going to happen and these always fare worse in a HPC. Back down properly from here within a month or so.
  15. Average wages ...indeed, and an average wage of 25k does not spread far with rising fuel cost etc. etc., and in this denial people are on the verge of disabling the whole country when the recovery does emerge by 'clinging' onto the hope that their property is worth much more. Unless this is corrected there will never be the real 'cash' in the economy to make it roll again (there's only so much that can be printed) Other countries where property prices have and will fall, will rapidly gain the upper hand and we (the UK) will end up shooting ourselves in the foot from this denial.
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