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  1. We are currently renting due to str'ing last year and over the weekend I went into the kitchen to see a mouse running across the kitchen worktop!!! After the initial scream and shock I thought I would phone the pest control department on Monday as the guy was really helpful last year when we had rats in the same house. So I called the town hall today only to be told that he had retired in March and they are not replacing him, I immediately thanked them for being so helpful and put the phone down. So that must be what they mean by the private sector picking up the slack as I will now have to call somebody from the yellow pages. BTW We have put our own traps down and caught 2 during the night but as it is a rented property and I won't have to pay for the pest services I may aswell get somebody to come and do the dirty work for me.
  2. I don't know how long this property will stay listed on Rightmove as the vendors who have had it listd since October without selling have decided to switch estate agents but have had the briliiant idea to increase the price by 5k in the process! There is no no hope!!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=POSTCODE^454313&insId=2&includeSSTC=true&_includeSSTC=on
  3. Thanks for all the replies, it is always good to get other peoples perspectives about this madness of over inflated house prices. I have been reading this forum for years and years but never really contributed much as I was too busy trying to get my head around what everyone was saying about the whole situation. It was thanks to the information on this forum that I decided to str last April with the intention of renting until house prices came down to a level I would be happy to part with my money for or finding a desperate seller. People would comment that I must be mad and I would explain my intentions and I would only get the reply house prices are not going to drop blah blah blah so I stated that I would wait for a forced seller and this is what I have now. The house was originally up with a local estate agent for £199,950 for six months with only 3 viewings, the owner in March this year asked them to reduce the price and they said "Things will pick up now give it another couple of months" Anyway he never had another couple of months he wanted to sell his house before it was repossessed so he went to a national estate agent company that knocked 50K off the asking price expecting to get a bidding war going unfortunately for them we were the only ones interested. As we have a large deposit we are borrowing 2x joint earnings but there is a little voice in my head still saying don't do it give it another 12 months and then see what has happened. I only have until Wednesday before they want to exchange so I had better get making the decision soon!
  4. We have had an offer accepted on a house for 147K which was previously listed with an estate agent for 199,950. When I search sold house prices for the street this house last sold for 190K in Mach 2006, 172K in Sept 2005 and 77.5K in June 2001 so we are buying at a guess around 2003 level. I am just curious as to what level you think house prices will drop and whether you are waiting for a specific level before you would buy. I listened to the Jonathan Davies radio piece yesterday and needless to say I am totally in two minds now!!!
  5. Nethouseprices shows the house sold for £190,000 in 2006, £172,000 in 2005 and £77,500 in 2001 so we are buying between the 2001 & 2005 range. I just hope they don't go back down to 2001 levels! We are in Cumbria by the way.
  6. Hi All, We have had an offer accepted on a house that for 6 months was listed with an estate agent at £199,950 but the sellers then needed a quick sale and reduced to overs over £145,000. We agreed on £147,000 and instructed a surveyor who came back with no major problems and valued it at £165,000. Firstly what is the point of estate agents marketing a property £30,000 in excess of what it is worth as the sale would surely just fall through when valued by the surveyor and secondly this only gives a cushion of just over 10% for further falls. We are currently renting and have been for the past year but we really need a bigger house soon as our nearly 4 year old is still in a cot as there is no room in the 3rd bedroom of the new build we are renting to fit a bed! How they can market it as a 3 bedroom house is beyond me but that is another matter! My partner is over the moon that we have been able to buy a 4 bed detached house as this normally would be something we couldn't afford but I firmly believe house prices are still going to fall and think we can get a better deal by waiting. Any advice?
  7. I don't think they will accept a low offer if it has only been listed recently. I think if you love the house (it is hard to find one that ticks all the boxes) then register an interest and that way if anyone else puts an offer in you can always counter it. I placed an offer on a place last week that has been listed since April last year and has had no offers in all that time. It was on for £165.00 and then June it reduced to £159,950. I offered £128 20% off which I thought was resonable giving the current market. I knew they would refuse that offer but I was prepared t go to £135K but they came back with a definate no we want asking price or thereabouts. Sellers just don't get it and I don't know what is going to make them realise that it isn't 2007 with buyers prepared to pay ridicuous amounts of money for a house! Good luck with whatever you decide, it is not an easy ride out there!
  8. Hi, I have been an avid reader of HPC for many years and totally believe house prices are way overpriced! We STR'd last year and I am constantly watching rightmove on a daily basis, often more than twice a day just to see what is happening in my local area. Anyway we have been looking at a few properties over the past few weeks and all the time in the back of my mind I am thinking now is not the time to buy but we have a little girl that starts school next year and would like to be settled in the right catchment area before then. I finally found a house that I would be willing to part with my money for and today made an offer 20% lower than asking price (£159,950 so I offered £128K), I would have been prepared to go to £135K but our offer was flately refused and the sellers are wanting asking price or there abouts. This house has been on the market since last April and has had no offers until ours today! I honestly don't see this pack of cards coming down anytime soon, it was only yesterday the estate agent was telling me all prices are negotiable but today the seller said NO! We don't live in a high wage town and have a very healthy deposit of 90K which most people don't have so who and how are people buying these houses, not that I think this one will sell for anywhere near asking price as one of the pitfalls of the property was the fact that the kitchen wouldn't house the washer and dryer and these were plummed in an outhouse. There was no off road parking, no garage and they still expect £159,950!!!! The sellers are deluded, I don't think I will be looking to buy this year and we will sit it out in our rented place.
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