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  1. From the BBC article: The appeal, sent by e-mail to more than 30,000 workers in the UK, asks them to volunteer for between one week and one month's unpaid leave, or unpaid work. I think most of the replies on here are overreacting. Allowing staff to volunteer for unpaid leave is not the same as slavery! And yes, in a professional role, working beyond the standard 9-5 when required is not unreasonable, which is why you are a well paid salaried professional, rather than paid by the hour. If you are regularly working 8-10 each day then obviously it's a different matter.
  2. I think the difference is that the underlying asset has been bought, be it shares or commodities. i.e. there is no counterparty risk.
  3. ETFs are not complex. They can be invested in derivatives of course, such as CRUD, which mimics holding crude oil by buying futures, but there are others that are invested in a physical product such as PHGP (physical gold). They are, as the name implies, funds that are tradeable on an exchange, so you can just buy and sell through an ordinary stockbroker account, and the transaction fees are much less than buying into a fund directly.
  4. I agree with the OP, however one point is missed, namely that in a functioning property market, mortgage interest would be lower that rental costs.
  5. Remember, no fighting allowed in the war room.
  6. I knew someone would beat me to it! I think I have reached my bottom.
  7. Does seem unfair to me, these people invested in good faith, and presumably withdrew in good faith. They shouldn't be required to pay it back. Otherwise like the OP says, why would anyone invest in this sort of fund again, where even after withdrawal, you cannot spend/commit the money for six years in case the fund was fraudulent. They weren't knowing participants in the fraud, they should be left alone.
  8. Sentiment. Few people will feel happy making the sort of commitment neccesary to purchase a house/flat in London.
  9. I also agree. Cash for me is for strictly non-essentials, e.g. sandwiches, beers, quiz/fruit machines, newspaper. It's there for spending and I don't really keep track. Food, transport etc. is always on the card, bills, rent etc. from my bank account. You don't have to remember how much cash you spent on things (just how much you withdraw), but you always are aware when you use your card, because you know that a bill is coming.
  10. Except that LCAs are often not cheaper as has been pointed out. The one time that I was on a cancelled flight, my carrier straight away put me on a flight with a different carrier, and I actually go to my destination ahead of schedule. Much better than sorting it out yourself and then claiming agianst your insurance afterwards.
  11. It felt like it was on repeat. How many times can you say the same thing in a 3 minute interview?
  12. If only that was an olympic sport... *EDIT* Damn, beaten to it.
  13. As I understand it, she was voted for by Blue Peter viewers. In any case, I don't see what the colour of someones skin has anything to do with representation. Surely Britishness is about culture and values, not skin pigmentation.
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