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  1. Jeff Randall article from September last year:- Throughout the 1990s, largely undisturbed by overseas competition and electronic mail, Royal Mail made healthy profits. In that decade it clocked up a surplus of about £2.5 billion.... ......the business was about to be hit with a sledgehammer from Europe in the form of competition directives, which forced the British government to open up the UK postal market to EU rivals. The new rules took effect in January 2003 (for items weighing more than 100 grams) and January 2006 (50 grams), since when the effort of providing the loss-making universal service while giving up profitable operations to foreign "cherry-pickers" has exacerbated Royal Mail's self-inflicted wounds. In its eagerness to suck up to Brussels, the Government has created for itself not so much a headache, more an incurable migraine. For although Royal Mail has slimmed down its payroll, eliminated some traditional services and battled to drag the militant element of its workforce out of the Stone Age, it needs to run at a speed hitherto unachieved simply to stand still. The option for government of increasing subsidies to Royal Mail and the Post Office network as necessary social services – in much the same way that we have poured extra money into schools and hospitals – has been removed by the EU, which has the power to decide how much state aid is allowed http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/jeffrandall/6203228/Shackled-by-EU-rules-Royal-Mail-staggers-from-shambles-to-fiasco.html [
  2. The environmental argument is a weak one. Older cars 'tend' to be driven less miles, and any benefit from lower emissions needs to be offset against the energy used to make the replacement and the energy used /landfill generated breaking the probably still perfectly serviceable emission test passing old model. And these new 'low emission' replacements won't enjoy the environmental benefit of reusing spares now appearing for +9 year old cars in breakers yards around the country either. The safety argument is pretty minimal too. NCAP has been around longer than 9 years, newer cars are likely to be only marginally safer than the average 'old banger' of such a vintage. Also, having worked for a global company designing high end consumer goods I can say that new product designs aren’t always better than their predecessor. In fact, in engineering terms, the new design is often inferior. This is because competition within consumer products is so high, the design is always cost driven: The new product needs to have the same or more features, but be cheaper to make. It merely has to have enough percieved improvements and be ' shiny' or 'different' enough to be considered better by the consumer. So no thanks Gordon. I will take my chances in my very safe, reliable but un-shiny 20+ year old Merc thank you.
  3. Bread flour up from 48p to 75p . Loaf of white Bread up form 65p to 85p. Bread mix up from 99p to 129p. All since christmas.....
  4. Trouble is (and I have experience of this) foreign manufacturers will keep manufacturing in their home country and close factories in the UK at the drop of a hat. Successive governments sold the myth that outsourcing production and foreign ownership of our key industries was a good thing. As events unfold, they are being proven wrong.
  5. Now don't be silly. The financial sector is the way forward don't you know. Struggling business shouldn't get government bailouts*. It interferes with the efficiency of the economy. The city tells us so. * Excludes the city
  6. Watch it here....... http://www.gm.tv/index.cfm?articleid=24657...TV%20Highlights
  7. A BTL investment:- http://landlord.co.uk/agents/index.php?act...p;listingID=184 ''Population growth is double that of national averages due to the high quality of life, causing house prices to continually rise'' !!!!
  8. And do for Gordon? If he only had the nerve!
  9. Just heard the last part of an interview with him on BBC world service just before 10pm (he's been busy!).... was more bearish about the state of the UK... said something about not investing much here...as we have similar problems to the US Havent found a link for it yet .....
  10. Radio 5 appearance:- Starts 01:04:40 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/mainframe.s...elive/drive_tue Evan Davis talks about the interview after...
  11. Does anyone know which Radio 4 show he was on?, It may be possible to download it from the website
  12. Talking about the anticipated rate cut in the US. Listen again maybe?
  13. http://news.sky.com/skynews/picture_galler...84222-1,00.html
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