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  1. With the debts we've got as a nation? Not to mention that a population pyramid with more people at old end than the young end leads to a very unpleasant life for the young ' uns. Hey, I didn't make the system, I'm just pointing out that to keep it going you need new taxpayers, you either have them born here, or you import them from overseas. No good grumbling about immigration if you aren't helping the indigenous population procreate.
  2. ? No need to bring your sexual proclivities into this!
  3. Of course not, but every now and then reality is so powerful it leaks out into the ONS stats.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21857396 There was a rise from Nov to Jan so I guess even the addition of seasonal workers couldn't help them this time. Happy days though, because: Also, trebles all round for those in a job because: Thank for reading the latest update from the ministry for tractor production.
  5. Maybe if we force them to work for free in a pound shop give them some work experience in a high street retailer, that will help them find jobs that don't exist? Worth a punt a least surely?
  6. The government gravy train? It's more of the same rhetoric from the team that brought you "shirkers". "Hard working families" have been transformed into "families that want to get on".
  7. Maybe they could introduce allowance sharing but only for people with children? After all, do single people make new taxpayers? Since we aren't even at replacement level there are only two choices. Make new people in the UK or import them. Which would you prefer?
  8. Wait... you slept rough on the dole? Is that a key part of your system for surviving on £30 a week? If so, I don't think it really counts. If I went full on survivalist, I could probably survive on nothing (just what I liberate from the world around me). I don't think paying people nothing and expecting them to steal food and build a bivouac would really be a sensible solution for a country that claims to have an unemployment insurance/protection scheme. How did you get your flat? No bills like rates to pay then?
  9. I remember seeing Unions arranging strikes on the telly in the 70s, and remember thinking "I'll bet they're not around to keep my wages rising with inflation when I'm older". Looks like I was right. "We're still better off than the 1970s" but only if you take a selected subset of life.
  10. That's the problem that Moneyweek have. Their target audience is tight as a gnat's chuff so they are trying to draw in some more punters. Can't be long before the Justin Bieber issue "hits the newstand".
  11. Well, you have to see their point. They are penalised by the tax system being unable to share their allowance with that of their partner, and then they find out that people earning up to £150K will be getting help from the government with childcare. Dave (bless him, he's so far out of his depth these days it's not funny watching him anymore) has put his foot in it by trotting out: his "getting on" drivel again. Then his spokesman tells the world that the money is only for people who "want to work very hard" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9941492/David-Camerons-slur-on-stay-at-home-mothers.html Will the Tory % of vote be in single figures by election time? They really are striving to pee off as many different groups of people as possible. I suspect this is the main carrot in the budget and it's already looking a bit rotten.
  12. I was really looking for a worked example. 60% of today's dole is £42. So presumably you were living on around £30 a week if you dreamed of such riches. Did you wear garments fashioned from leaves... stand close to people in bus queues for warmth? How did you manage to live through a UK winter wearing only tree bark on your feet? I could live on £5 for a week, as long as it was just the one week. After 12 months, things start to wear out. You need some new shoes. The winter coat you've had for 4 years is beyond economic repair. Your underwear is worn out because you've been wearing it 24 hours a day to try and keep warm, etc. Were you sharing a house, or living on your own, or living with parents? Did you pay water rates, council tax, electricity/gas/oil/wood, telephone bills (either a phone you have, or using a phone box)?
  13. Not that I'm calling your bluff or anything, but can you detail your living expenses to show how you lived on less than 60% of the dole? Did you grow up in the slums of Kolkata?
  14. If you make it financially too hard for working people to have kids, the only ones who will be having them will be the people who aren't working and who are claiming a portfolio of other benefits. Just sayin'
  15. We went through this on off topic and I can't remember what the outcome was. In any case, I would seriously consider becoming a limited company - if only for the limited liability against any potential claims against the company. Simple, their chums are the ones who get to make money implementing the fiendishly complex systems (badly).
  16. On the contrary, if you are self-employed now you can claim childcare as an expense. You don't actually have to join a voucher scheme, or "buy" any vouchers. However, the new scheme looks set to change this! Byzantine you say? Running two systems side-by-side. Sounds like a money spinner if you are in the admin business
  17. Who said I was paying £6K? £6K is the figure that the government dreamed up as an average for full-time childcare across the UK. The whole binary "state is bad/ doing it yourself is best" gets a bit silly, not to mention a bit tired. It is possible for 2 adults to both work part time and share the childcare with nursery fulfilling the role of a relative and playing a minority role in childcare.
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