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  1. Some magic happens and they all get good jobs that previously didn't exist. Then everybody lives happily ever after. Ok.
  2. Who mentioned income support? What if you don't have anything to sell, or cut back on (clue: almost a million young people unemployed)?
  3. Misleading parliament. Very serious. Unless. You mislead parliament into fighting a foreign war!
  4. And yet David Cameron has been given an (expensive), once in a decade opportunity to reform it, but has chosen not to. Maybe leading Tories are closet fans of Brown... Thoughts?
  5. When I'm back in the North East, it never ceases to amaze me how busy the Metro Centre is on a weekday. Trouble is, it's probably a major employer in the NE now, and when the money taps are closed, implode is probably the right word.
  6. And your oil, land, water and coastline.
  7. Good grief, shirkers everywhere! Next thing you'll be telling me you don't want to pay £250K to live in a shoebox!! Are you trying to undermine the values that has kept Britain great for millennia?
  8. "Shirkers" is the correct nomenclature* I think you'll find.
  9. Albeit one without the long-term secure tenancies and the rights that go with them.
  10. The easiest to fire, but probably the hardest to hire, due to a labyrinthine system of benefits, credits and allowances. Hip, hip, hooraaah!
  11. Shirkers, every last one of 'em I bet. Dave and Osborne will sort them out though, just you watch. A 56 year mortgage for a studio flat in Slough will soon whip them into shape. Oh yes.
  12. It was for shirkers last time. This time it will be for workers. That makes all the difference I think you'll find...
  13. Party of the landowner takes steps to ensure high value of land shocker! It's cute how some of you keep holding out hope that the ancestors of the people who stole your land in the first place are going to help you get it back without taking a big chunk of you.
  14. I was thinking of having a pint tomorrow, but put off my the £3.48 cost at my local. Now it will only be £3.47, that changes everything. I'll probably go and have two.
  15. Hey, don't blame me, that's what the government want. The rules are the rules. There is one one choice now. More babies born in the UK, or more brought in. If you prefer the latter that's just dandy. Me? I'd prefer to see some support for people who live and work in the UK be given a little help when they want to start a family. How this comes (via less tax or quasi-benefits) is something for the ruling class to decide. It might well only be necessary because the cost of living is high, but since the powers that be are taking no steps to reduce the cost of living, kids are being born now. Look at this way, you'll lose the ability to demonize people who don't work if you don't make it easier for them TO work.
  16. Well there are fewer workers around these days, so that makes his job of keeping them happy easier Workers Shirkers We've got a government full of Jerkers.
  17. Don't abandon hope - your kids are likely to experience power cuts... not because of strikes though just high demand and lack of UK supply: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy/9590135/Millions-of-British-households-face-blackout-warns-Ofgem.html
  18. That's a huge myth. The unemployed are vital - how else can we expect to keep wages low? Imagine how uncompetitive UK business would be if they had to pay even higher salaries. Plus it give the government of the day a group of people to scapegoat and is a motivational aid for those who are in work. Make no mistake, the gubbermint will require the population to at the very least remain static, or more likely rise over the next few decades.
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