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  1. A sample of peer-reviewed papers are linked from this page of their site. I agree there are a lot of mad academics but having been lectured by some of the economics guys at Oxford I can assure you that they (mostly) don't fit that description!
  2. In the forties, even the oldest boomers were under the age of 10.
  3. What a crap analogy. This is like a car owners' discussion site. You have some Ford owners and some Vauxhall owners, having some interesting discussion about the relative merits of the two brands. What you've described implies that this site isn't about if and when there will be a house price crash, but that it is a foregone conclusion. Besides the fact that the last couple of years have proved you spectacularly wrong, that would be rather dull... "So, when house prices crash, what will you do?" "I'll buy a house. You?" "I'll buy a house too" "Great" "..."
  4. I was under the impression this was a discussion forum. Not much of a discussion if everyone agrees with each other, is it? Disagreeing with the majority opinion isn't trolling, it's exercising independent thought. You should give it a try sometime.
  5. This site is full of people who'll never decide it's the right time to buy.
  6. "Economic forecast not accurate shocker". Hardly headline news is it? Hindsight is a wonderful thing but not even many journalists are that lazy...
  7. A story to warm the hearts of Central Bankers... I'm sometimes sceptical about claims of interest rate expectations reducing the need to actually raise rates, but this is theory in action. Merv will be overjoyed to know that the BoE's inflation targetting credibility is intact.
  8. About as accurate as most of those predictions of a HPC on the front page...
  9. Member Joined Total Member Posts Posts Today % of today's posts PropertyGuru 21-August 06 1,165 48 8.21% IamSpartacus 28-July 06 1,025 45 7.69%
  10. I referred to this debate, not life in general. Are you being deliberately obtuse or are you genuinely stupid?
  11. As I said, you clearly struggle to understand the meaning of long words... Care to back up any of those claims lies with evidence? That describes you perfectly. Child.
  12. Not overall, the increased taxation and red tape has been very bad. I merely said that the basic concept of an IVA for small businesses was a good idea. Are you going to spend all afternoon trying to put words in my mouth?
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