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  1. thankyou very much, that has sorted it. why is this not set as standard? or was it just mine that was set like this? Thanks again.
  2. thanks for replying. in the box below titled "thread" all I can see is peoples usernames and the first line of their posts, If I want to see what they've written I have to click on the damn sentence. Surely this cannot be on purpose? and if I'm having this problem running firefox I can't imagine the frustration this must cause to others. I still have the problem. Cheers anyway.
  3. Can anyone tell me how to read everyones post without clicking on the sub tree below? is it in settings? Where is it? I just want to read what eveyone has put without constantly clicking sh*t. this is the biggest mistake I've ever seen any forum make. This site is going to go down the pan after this maddening decision what a shame words still cannot describe this frustration.
  4. I'm very sorry that I've offended you. If it means anything, I didn't mean it like that. I didn't think about what they meant. I could have used lots of different words instead. Try not to take it personally.
  5. sigh. if you like. If their leaders are so great why is the last one being prosecuted for corruption? ( he will be pardoned no matter what anyway) Its clear you swallowed the propaganda regarding the last election. I'm gonna start using the rolleyes now! look what you made me do!!! BTW know this: if Israel wasn't completely paid for by the US it would not last 6 months.
  6. There is a danger that you can go way too far into what others call "conspiracy theory". I personally don't ever rule anything out as fantasy or wild conspiracy theory. All evidence is usefull. Only a fool would rule anything out without thinking about it. I'll listen but generally go with what makes the most sense logically. In this case, I believe this man is a manifestation of the Iranian people's desire to see a level playing field at last. And to counter the cancer that is "Israel" He is a genuine human reaction to opression and the new world order.
  7. Not that comment no. However, I fully understand the underlying feelings of people who say things like that. They are usually the sort of people who harbour massive resentment, a feeling of persecution, and an assumed and exclusive right to have the only version of "british identity". Lets not play word games here. Leave your rolleyes gif elsewhere. I can read between the lines, as can everyone else. I'm just bringing it out. Just because someone doesn't cross a line, or come out with it explicitly, they still want their implications understood. I'm saying I understand. And no I don't call everyone racist.
  8. He continually highlights the disaster that is Israel and its actions. I really doubt he would have anything to do with Zionists. He probably has a lot of anti-zionist Jewish friends. Which is something you'd never discover about in any mainstream media.
  9. I don't know what you mean. Clearly some people are and need to be exposed and confronted by it. I realise its a serious accusation but would never use it lightly. Just trying to bring a bit of balance to a forum thats infected with BNP members anyway. BTW Cheers to 1888 and Francisco Pizzaro.
  10. anything that threatens the rabidly evil state of Israel is a good thing despite what you right-wing bitter zionists think. why should such a racist "gods chosed people" regime have nukes to bully others with. World opinion is turning away from the pustule of Israel and is finally recognising the rights of the demonised and innocent Palestinians. And we HATE people like you who peddle the same old anti-semitism lies that you use to continue to justify "Israels" existence.
  11. bit of racism leaking out there eh? what have we got? a one eyed lying autistic mong that came after a christian fundamentalist, hugely dishonest media savvy murderer. I'd trust him with nukes cos they haven't invaded other countries trying to bring them their version of democracy. and the retard in Tokyo. Its you who should grow up you racist evil little man.
  12. Yep, I see what you mean. The reason I see it as a paper tiger is because they were impotent against Hezbollah even with all the Spy sattelite help and US air support and IMHO I don't see them being able to last long if they were invaded on all sides with a million utterly determined guerilla fighters fighting to get all palestinian land back. With the fury in the Muslim and Arab-Christian world hardening to a utterly determined sense of duty to uproot this cancer, the Zionists' days are numbered.
  13. Need anymore evidence that the tide has turned, Shermanhater? Israel is no superpower, its protectors are, and when the Zionist elements of the US Government have been fully cauterised out, Israel will be revealed for the impotent little pustule it is.
  14. Spot on. Nobody in Britain should be afraid of Iran. They would never hurt us. We have been brainwashed into thinking that they want to destroy us when all they are doing is trying to protect themselves from Zionist controlled US government. Why don't we have the balls to make up our own minds and our own friends. Why can't we trade and develop a special relationship with Iran with mutual respect. We could have all our fuel needs dealt with instead of walking on egg shells with Russia. I'm sure the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government of Iran would be only too pleased at an abatement of hostilities we constantly throw at them. The reason we can't go there yet is because we have had a hundred years of Zionist Media manipulation and control, but this is eroding extremely quickly. Its eroding so fast I find it hard to believe how many people, especially the young, have discovered the truth on their own accord. This bodes well for the future if it carries on. The Truth will out.
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